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In what ways exactly you do you "live your life"?

Asked by cecildooderbop (192points) February 24th, 2009

It sounds so cliche- live it up or live your life. What does living your life mean to you or in what ways do you live your life?

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To me it means not being afraid of trying something new, but to also stick to my beliefs and not let someone try to sway me in a direction that I am not comfortable with.

“Living it up” to me is any type of adventurous outdoor activity.

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I do what makes me happy, sometimes selfishly, but I feel that with some things, I deserve it, as I was stranded in my house all through my high school years and was never allowed to go out, or do things other teens were doing.
I set dreams and goals and do whatever it is that I need to do to reach them, while keeping my morals, of course.
I do lots of things to make my friends and loved ones laugh and smile, happiness when it comes to those people, means the world to me.

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To me it means do what is important for you to do, not what other people tell you to do. Live your life. Not live your life.

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For me to live my life means to wake each morning with a sense of hope and optimism: it’s as much a state of mind as anything. It also means not being afraid to take on anything: responsibilities, challenges, opportunities, relationships, ideas.

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Feeling fulfilled that I’ve made a cotribution to life.
I lurve you Fluther community.

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Daloon hit the nail on the head. Live your life. Follow your heart, your passions, your interests. Do your own thinking and make your own decisions.

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