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Stranded at sea - with who?

Asked by steelmarket (3598points) February 24th, 2009

A British couple was rescued from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean by an Italian tanker after spending 40 days lost at sea.

If you had to spend 40 days at sea in a lifeboat with someone, who would you choose? Spouse? Sexy friend? Survival expert? Deaf-mute?

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George Clooney would do in a pinch.

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Would do George Clooney.

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I was thinking of Drew Barrymore.

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I know that it wouldn’t be Steve Irwin.

My husband for sure!

bythebay's avatar

Ok, well if johnpowell is doing George Clooney; I’ll take Andy Garcia with me instead! :)

Judi's avatar

My hubby is amazing. He would be able to keep us alive, and, there’s no one else I would rather spend my time with!

bythebay's avatar

I love my hubby; but I’m still sticking with Andy Garcia.

EnzoX24's avatar

The dude from Survival Man.

Or just keep keep a tape with the episode where he strands himself at sea in my DvD player on the boat. Then get my freak on with Jennifer Aniston.

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Bear Gryls! (sp?)

Emdean1's avatar

The guy from Man vs Wild.
Thats my only way to survive!

Allie's avatar

Bear Gryls for sure. He knows how to survive and he’s cute. Not a bad combo.

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My daughter, assuming I had enough food and water for her. And perhaps a couple of diapers. btw is this a new story or the one from the 90s where they survived on canned food and then had to fish?

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@fireside: That was an incredible book!

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Paris Hilton

fireside's avatar

@bythebay – should be an interesting movie

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My idenitical clone. Forty days of intense introspection, getting to know myself and being able to observe from an outsiders point of view how I behave under extreme circumstances would be a very enlightening experience. I just wonder if I would end up murdering my other self…

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Some one who could make a functioning engine that runs on saltwater and a GPS naviagtion system from the crap you find in the bottom of a life boat.

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The Professor from Gilligan’s Island

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I’d go with Salma Hayek myself. She’s a beauty.

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conor oberst. i cannot even imagine how wonderful it would be to just get to talk to him about everything for 40 days until we die of starvation or something.

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Someone who can keep us alive until we’re rescued!

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My boyfriend, he’s incredibly smart and could definitely do better than I when it comes to being stranded on an island. Plus we work so well together, we could definitely figure it out.

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@Bluefreedom – want to meet up near St. Helena and trade, I wouldn’t mind 20 days with Drew and then 20 days with Salma.

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@fireside. That sounds like a fine plan. Let’s do it. :o)

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my friend D., I never see him anymore but when I do, I’m just happy =]

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My husband for sure. He’d make sure we survived. And I could still have pancakes!

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I’m kinda pissed that Allie didn’t pick me.. You do know that I can make fire with my glasses?

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Rupert from Survivor, of course!!

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Bear and I pick @johnpowell. With you, JP, I would never be bored. =]

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