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Is Joe Biden texting?

Asked by chelseababyy (7934points) February 24th, 2009

Seriously.. Is he? He keeps looking down. Hmmm.. What do YOU think he’s doing?

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lol…I don’t think so – but it sure looks like it!

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He’s knitting

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He might be rubbing one off.

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Hey! No one messes with Joe!

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ah…he was writing.

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Yup. Saw the pad of paper.

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Guys, thats a cover-up, the phones hidden behind the paper ;]

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Who’s that guy that looks like colbert?

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whoever he was texting told him it was obvious b/c now he’s not looking down haha

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He was fluthering :-)

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Obama is speaking like a grown up. I’m really confused.

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Maybe Biden’s creating a kick-me sign to put on Obama’s back.

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Who just saw that creepy face he made?!?!

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Well, guys, it looks like you saw through my cover. In return for your continued discretion, a little insider tip. The President has lint on his back.

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No. I even rewound the DVR.

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It’s a known fact: Both Biden and Obama are Blackberry Addicts. ;)
It totally looked like Biden was texting…haha.

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Haha, I didn’t see this before I posted. :(.

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@seekingwolf I love my BB, I can see why. And LOL how many times has the woman in the green stood up?

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Haha I love my BB too. (Curve 8900 all the way!)

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The reporter just said people were Twittering. During the Presidents speech. Put the fucking phone down, people.

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@Allie. I agree. That’s pretty disrespectful to feign interest and not pay attention to the president’s speech.

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@seekingwolf I have the 8320. Loves it.

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Actually, there were many reports that people in Congress were Twittering during the Address. Crazy!

(I suspect Joe was checking the BBerry)

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He was listening and reading the written copy of the speech.

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