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What are games you play at a carnival?

Asked by mollykm (121points) October 16th, 2007

Like the Halloween carnivals you have in the school yard in elementary school. For instance the cake walk, or bean bag toss…..

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ring toss onto longnecks (or coke bottles), guess the number of jellybeans in jar, egg toss, throw a football through a tire.

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Thanks for the suggestions!  To go more in depth, it’s a grown up version of a carnival.  So, if anyone wants to get creative and suggest games with a twist that could be great.

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We did an annual carnival for our company’s United Way campaign. Tricycle races were probably the most unique, but there was a dunk tank (which we rented), DJ (which allows for trivia, contests, etc.). Usual BBQ fare, plus candy apples, and homemade baked goods. There was a basketball toss, a football toss (smaller footballs through toilet seats hanging in the air), a cake walk, a popcorn machine (also rented). We also sold tickets so that the money was all in one place. I think we did a raffle as well.

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