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What are your top 10 games of all time?

Asked by TheRocketPig (612points) February 25th, 2009

it can be any game, from Checkers to Fallout 3.

Mine is:

01. Chrono Trigger
02. Grim Fandango
03. The Longest Journey
04. Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver
05. Super Mario RPG
06. Final Fantasy IV
07. Beyond Good and Evil
08. Kingdom Hearts
09. Shadow of The Colossus
10. Super Mario Bros. 3
close games are Bioshock, Mass Effect, and The Monkey Island games

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Chrono Trigger
Neverwinter Nights II
Final Fantasy XII
Wii Fit
Socom 1
.. Im drunk I’ll think of more tomorrow

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1. No One Lives Forever games
2. Curst of Monkey Island
3. Grim Fandango
4. Alien Vs Preditor
5. Quake III
6. Unreal Tournament
7. Arcon
8. Serious Sam
9. Shadow Warrior
10. Civilization
and Crash team racing for my close game.

I can see I am a bit older and busier with kids now. I don’t even recognize some of yours.

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Final Fantasy II
Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection
Fallout 3
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies
Final Fantasy X
The Sims: Complete Collection
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight

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In no particular order…..

Chrono Trigger
Secret of Mana
Final Fantasy III (aka 6)
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Banjo Kazooie (and Tooie)
The Guardian Legend
Final Fantasy
Metroid Prime

Damn I only get to name ten? That’s unjust.

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Okay, back,

Chrono Trigger
Neverwinter Nights II
Final Fantasy XII
Wii Fit
Socom 1
Zelda (Original Nintendo, the big gold cartridge.)
Mario Is Missing
Harvest Moon

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1. Chess
2. Strip Poker
3. Halo (the original on xbox)
4. No Limit Texas Hold ‘em tournament style
5. Naked Twister
6. Badminton (outside in the grass, barefoot in the hot sun)
7. Just the Tip
8. Presidents and Assholes
9. Skeeball
10. Paper, Rock, Scissors

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@simone54 Crap! I totally forgot to put any Zelda games on my list! Uh… Uh… I’d have to say my favorite zelda is between Link to The Past and The Wind Waker. (gotta love that art style!)

Loving all the answers everyone, amazing lists!

@tennesseejac Tip of my hat for Skeeball and Rock, Paper, Scissors

@Bri_L Dude, if you like all those Lucas Arts adventure games, you owe it to yourself to play The Longest Journey, it came out around the same time as Grim Fandango so you might be able to find it cheap on ebay or something. It’s one of the few games that totally invaded my subconscious thought.

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The Fallout Saga
Betrayal at Krondor
UFO: Enemy Unknown
X-com: Appocalypce
Duke Nukem 3D
Buzz Alrins Race into Space
Mass Effeft
Dune 1

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As a student of yours i first have to say “amazing top 10”

1. Secret of Mana
2. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
3. Street Fighter II: Turbo
4. Kingdom Hearts I & II
5. Starsiege Tribes
6. Final Fantasy VIII
7. Left 4 Dead
8. Capcom Vs. SNK 2
9. Call Of Duty 4
10. Company of Heroes

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In no particular order:
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy X
Crystal Chronicles
Left 4 Dead
Team Fortress 2
Apples to Apples
Alpha Centauri

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No particular order
Warcraft 2 (memories)
Zelda: ocarina of time
Call of Duty 4
Mario 64
Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Mortal Kombat Ultimate

That’s all I can think of.

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Ok, I’ll chime in:
Resident Evil 4 (GCN)
Forgotten Hope 2 (Bf2 mod, PC)
Shadow of the Colussus (Ps2)
Passage (Flash/iPhone)
GTA: Vice City (PS2)
Age of Empires II (Mac)
FA-18 Falcon (Mac)
GoldenEye (N64)
Madden <pick a year> (Ps2)
B-17 Bomber (Intellivision)

And for bonus points, I have to mention:
Marathon (Mac) – when PC people were playing Doom and thinking it was the cat’s ass, Mac people were years ahead of the curve with Marathon (it eventually became Halo).
Bolo – I’m pretty sure that was the first network game I ever played.

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In the order they popped into my head:

- Tetris
– Doctor Mario
– Elite Beat Agents
– Oregon Trail
– Professor Layton and the Curious Village
– Soulcalibur
– Abe’s Oddysee
– DDR (I don’t/can’t play, but I love watching others, good, bad or mediocre.)
– Trivial Pursuit
– Scene It?

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Tetris (Video)
Four Square (Playground)
Commando (Arcade video)
Mortal Kombat (Arcade Video)
Afterburner (Arcade driving)
Trivial Pursuit (Board)
Life (Board)
Trouble (Board)
Scrabble (Board)
Asteroids (Video)

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How come I’ve only played 4–5 games on that list and haven’t even heard of half of them?
I’ve heard many good things about Grim Fandango and I’m sure Morrowind and Oblivion are great (once I find time for them). Neverwinter Nights 2 is too buggy on my PC.

Other than those, my own list (depending on how addicted I have been to them) would include:

1. Frontier: Elite II
2. Might and Magic VI and VIII (as well as all the others)
3. Gothic (1+2, I still have not managed to play 3)
4. Heroes of Might and Magic (esp. II and III, never played V)
5. Quest for Glory (all 5, especially 1+2)
6. Master of Orion 2
7. WarcraftIII: Frozen Throne, partricularly the DotA map, which has been a game in its own right for several years now
8. Death Gate (an old DOS adventure game, real good)
9. Monkey Island (esp. 1+2). They are low on the list because they have annoyed me a lot. Would be higher if the only criterion was time spent playing.
10. Grimm’s Hatchery and Magic Farm (basically the same game)

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@Jack79: Might and Magic VI is a YES!

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@Jack79 Grim Fandango is amazing. It’s possibly Tim Schafer’s (Full Throttle, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend) greatest work.

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Tetris Attack
Guilty Gear
Grim Fandango
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Typing of the Dead
Chrono Trigger (although i can’t stand to play it anymore, the experience was great)
You Don’t Know Jack Series (after seeing all the questions, it’s no longer fun, but if there were a new subscription-based version, i’d be all up on it)
Kanji Kentei 2 (japanese DS game that preps you for the Japanese Nation Kanji Examinations… not for everyone, i know)
Castlevania 3:Dracula’s Curse (at the moment)

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@TheRocketPig that is why your are the rocket pig!

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@Bri_L You’ve found me out! O_o

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Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy VII
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II
Tetris Attack
Secret of Mana
The World Ends With You
Street Fighter II
Zelda series
Mario series

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@chasethestars Ahhh forgot about Kingdom Hearts. Lurveee.

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In no particular order although LBP probably does deserve to be at the top. Most of mine have more than one in the series so I’ve highlighted my fave

Little Big Planet
Mario (Super Mario World)
Halo (1 for single, 3 for multiplayer)
Zelda (Ocarina Of Time)
Street Fighter (4, followed by Alpha 2)
Heroes of Might and Magic (3 is best… on pc)
Resident Evil 4
Metroid (Prime)
Tetris (Bombliss)
Vagrant Story
Guitar Hero
Metal Gear Solid (1)

Whoops got carried away… as if 10 is enough!

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@introv It was really hard only doing 10 =P

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Legend of Zelda(all of them)
chrono trigger
secret of mana
final fantasy vii
metal gear solid
kingdom hearts
left 4 dead
double dragon series (hard as hell without game genie)

these are probably not really my ten best but couldnt think of anythings else i really liked either at the time or now

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I’d have to say at the moment my top 10 favourite’s that I’ve enjoyed playing thoroughly and recall the most fun with longeivity wise would be:-

1) Final Fantasy VIII (PSX)
2) Suikoden II/Suikoden V (PSX/PS2)
3) Front Mission II (PSX)
4) Persona 3 FES/Persona 4 (PS2)
5) Age of King’s (PC)
6) Resident Evil 4/5 (PS2/3)
7) Streetfighter serie’s (Sega Mega Drive/PSX/PS2/3)
8) Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
9) Ninja Gaiden (Sega Master System)
10)Dynasty warrior’s serie’s (PS2/3) =^.^=

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no particular order

rainbow six: vegas – 360
gta iv – 360
goldeneye 007 – n64
nfs underground 2 – ps2
def jam icons – 360
black – ps2
kane and lynch: dead men – 360
rock band 2 – 360
legend of zelda: twilight princess – gamecube
resident evil 4 – ps2

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Wow, I am feeling really OLD school:

Hack (DOS game where B’s were bats and =‘s were rings, now called Fate in it’s rerendering)

There was one called Adventure something that was all text (so the entire landscape was in your head) and you typed (E)ast, (N)orth, etc to move around.

Emergency (have to deploy all the little firefighters and cops “on scene”)


Zelda (from the first Ninendo to the current one on the Wii)

Gabriel Knight

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