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What's up with my neighbor who ignores me?

Asked by jca (36059points) October 16th, 2007

my neighbor totally ignores me, won’t say hello, even when i have greeted her. i am curious what her problem with me is. i am debating whether to approach her and ask her why, but don’t want to scare her, and if i ask her and she’s nasty about it i will definitely tell her off. the other option is to forget the issue, but i am really curious what i have done. she does not appear to be this way toward anybody else, so it seems to be an issue she has with me. i have barely had any discussions with her and so i don’t think i have offended her in the past, that i know of. should i ask her why she ignores me or should i just ignore her back?

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I hate people like that. I had a neighbor who behaved that way. If you can stand it, I’d say just let it lie and ignore her back. If you can’t stand living that way, approach her, but be sure to do it in a calm and collected manner. At that point, you should just be wanting and asking for the facts.

Option #3 is to kill her with kindness. If it were me, I’d do #1.

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We recently moved to a new neighborhood where every neighbor completely ignored us. Last holiday season we made cookie baskets for all our neighbors and we’re all friends now. Sometimes it takes going out on a limb. I would approach her, you will leave the encounter knowing one way or the other and that will reduce the stress on you from not knowing. Personally I would prefer to know either way so that I could deal with it.

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last year the local pharmacy delivered a package that was for her husband (husband by the way acts normal) so i walk down to her house, adult son answers the door, i identify myself so there is no mistaking who i am, and i give them the package. and she still doesn’t talk to me! i could have kept it. i could tell her off but then she’d tell the neighbors that i’m awful and evil. believe me this is not something i waste my time thinking about but i am curious why she’s like this.

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I have a new neighbor like that. Right next door with our backyards separated by a mere fence. She and her husband pretend to not even see me. I said, “Hello”, the first day they were moving in, but now I just look at them as we pass ways and wonder why they’re so wierd. Maybe they disdain my rental home. I don’t really care if they choose not to acknowledge my presence, and I’m not taking it personally. They have a small child. I wonder what she’ll be like toward her neighbors when she’s grown up?!

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hi about you question well i am a person like that i never talk to my neighbors and is not because i dont like my neighbor’s is not because i whant to be rude. 3 years a go i have a problem with a noisy neighbor the problem go so out that we have to call the police several times in the end we have to move out. now in my new house i just try to be the most far away of neighbor’s i will dont like to have another problem like that. maybe my neighbor’s think that i am rude if i dont go over they house’s maybe they think i am weird person but i think before judge somebody maybe if we try just to ask directly maybe we can found a answer. some people are just to shy. my sister is like that and every1 think that she is weird.some people we just like to be away of problems.

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I ignore my neighbors because in the past it has turned into borrowing, nosiness, asking for things, coming over without telling me in advance, thinking they can frolic in my yard…Basically some people like privacy I would rather keep to myself then be bombarded with over friendly neighbors that want to be up in your face every time you go outside. I have had neighbors in the past that every single time I was on my deck, they would feel free to walk up to it and start asking questions. All I wanted to do was relax in peace and quiet. It got to the point where I was avoiding going outside. So please consider some people are personal and private.

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I have the same problem. Although this time it’s the woman only. Never makes eye contact with me, never greets me but has no problem with my husband. He knows how I feel about it yet he keeps being the first one to greet her all the time and she responds all friendly. We have endless fights about this because he reckons it’s my problem, not his, and I feel he is not supportive towards me. Why does he keep greeting her when he knows how she behaves towards me? He just doesn’t get it and I am at this point of wanting to go over there an ask what is her friggin problem. her husband is nice to both of us but the more my husband ignores how I feel the more this is causing resentment and he ultimately thinks I am stupid and must grow up.

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