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What is your number one cold rememdy?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14721points) February 25th, 2009

Sure, it’s been asked, but what is your number one cold remedy? What do you do when you are sick and miserable and your nose appears to have turned into a rather iffy faucet over night? What do you do just for comfort (it might have nothing to do with the actual cold)? What do you do to get past your cold?

I know it has been asked before, but we have so many more members now.

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Nooooo! Curse you misspelling I cannot correct!

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A generous helping of brandy ;D

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I drink TONS of tea. Basically “flush” the cold from my body. Chamomile and mint. Mmmmm…..

I don’t like the way cold medicine makes me feel, so I don’t take it.

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@purephase I second your answer. I drink a lot of tea. Green peppermint tea, in my case.

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Whiskey and NyQuil.

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I find it better to just not dwell on it any more than necessary and carry on with life. Trying to fight it never seems to work for me, and just makes me more conscious of how crappy I feel.

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First let me say I’m sorry you’re feeling so crummy. I do hope you find a remedy that works to ease your miserable state!

I have nothing new to offer, just all the old stand-bys: rest, humidified air, tissues with lotion in them, gallons of tea & water, chicken soup and pastina.

For sleep purposes, Afrin & Nyquil.

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Chicken soup, Nyquil, a soak in the hot tub, and as much sleep as I can get.

My dad swears by the soak in a hot tub – the hot water helps raise your body temp which helps make life difficult for the cold virus, and the steam helps with the congestion.

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Also a hot curry… Or am I being too English? (I am English!)

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water water water water water….

@Sparkie510 you’ve made me fancy curry now…yum yum… hmmmm

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Sleep, lots and lots of sleep. I know this isn’t always an option, but I would rather have someone take a day off and get the rest they need for their body to fight off the cold, than have them come into work miserable and sick. They are usually not very productive when they are sick anyhow, so taking the time to recover is usually a win/win situation in my book. I hope you feel better….

BTW Tea and Homemade Chicken Noodle soup are also in my top ten for cold cures :0)

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@Sparkie510 In my book of stereotypes, tea would have been the English answer. I associate curry with India. Great answer nonetheless. Lurve for you.

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Chicken soup and sleep.

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@tenaciousDenny. Fair enough – but curry is one of the most popular British foods!

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@TenaciousDenny – The British owned India for the longest time. Where else do you think they got curry anyway?

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Vicks! I have 2 jars of it here & used it just lastnight. I put it on my forehead, over & under my nose, throat & chest when I’m really sick. Also on the bottoms of my feet. Then put warm socks on & go to bed. The fumes go up your whole body. I also bought a box of the Zicam cold swabs. Between the two, I feel much better today.

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@Darwin Good point. I will update my book of stereotypes. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually get out of the US and experience these things firsthand.

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@TenaciousDenny- you are right about the tea though… In fact, I am enjoying a cup right now (my 5th of the day)!

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Sleep and stay home from work.

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@Mr. M, oh that is SO the plan tomorrow. I couldn’t today because we have a company-wide meeting of vast importance, but tomorrow? Yeah, not coming in unless a miracle happens.

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Then call in sick Friday too and make it a 4 day weekend!!! I’ll be there at 8!!!

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Tylenol cold. There’s very few things I can take while nursing. It stinks.

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Tons and tons of C-rich juice on ice, Emergen-C, Chloroseptic lozenges, and Tylenol Cold if I have to work while sick.

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Oh my god. By the way, you should all know that there are tissues with Vicks lotion in them. That is all.

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Zycam and emergin-C

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Sleep and good bowl of soup.
Maybe a shower and walk outside.

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Zicam, Emergen-C and oscillococcinum (if there is a fever).

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It really depends on the circumstances.
Head-cold only, and not confined to bed: Caffeine. (Usually in the form of Diet Mt. Dew).
If it gets really bad and/or goes to the chest: A combination of pseudephedrine (or more benign nasal decongestant) and Guaifenesin (Robotussin products and a-likes expectorants/chest-decongestant).

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Vitamin C. My sure fire cure all is: Ginger root, tumeric root boiled for one hour. Then add that brew to juice of two lemons and honey. Repeat all day long. Water, water and water. Sleep.

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Airborne these days. But also I steep lemon wedges (fresh cut up from the lemon) and honey in hot water. Vitamin C AND it eases the inevitable sore throat from breathing through your mouth when you’re congested.

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Oh yeah. Tissues with lotion in them FTW.

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@EmpressPixie Yeah those rock. Just so long as you already know it’s there. Have you ever had someone offer you a tissue not knowing the vicks was in them? Talk about a shock!

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Just a general comment regarding Airborne: I recall the package indicates something to the effect of ”Created by a school teacher!” That’s great, and good for the school teacher, but I have always wondered how this is in any way deems it more legitimate and effective as a drug (albeit not FDA approved).

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Ditto to @johnpowell‘s answer. Seriously Collective, NyQuil cures all.
Marry me.

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@mirifique I would guess that the point is that if it keeps a school teacher who is surrounded by germy little kids from being sick it’s probably pretty bad ass. At least that’s my logic to why that’s what they went with in the ad campaign.

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Hot lemon juice, Jamesons Irish whisky and real honey, all mixed and heated up.
You don’t need to have a cold to enjoy this, great wee tummy warmer any time and makes you sleep well.
Mix it to suit your taste.
get well soon…

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Empress, I hope you are feeling better today :0)

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I am, thank you! I had super gross hot tea of lemon juice, honey, chamomile, mint, and other cold remedy herbs. It helped a lot. Also my boyfriend made me a big pot of matzo ball chicken soup last night. From scratch! It helped too. Either that or the pampering helped….

Either way, I’m feeling much better. It could be the laying in bed all day being lazy.

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I am very glad to hear you are better! :0)

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So glad you’re on the mend…take it easy for a couple of days!

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long hot showers
and hot tea

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I don’t have any special drinks or whatever that i take, I just keep well hydrated and stay active since my body seems to feel better sooner if i only get a moderate amount of bedrest as opposed to plenty. But my fiance does call me a freak for that. : )

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Don’t remember my last cold but I do have a way to treat them.
You must stay in bed One Day. On the nightstand you have tissues with lotion, another bowl of chicken noodle soup, chapstik and Afrin. Only use the Afrin at night. Eat as much soup as you want. Each and everytime you blow your nose, put chapstik underneath it. The most important of all is to stay in bed one day.

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