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Can i use normal milk in replace of cocnut milk for a Thai Red Chicken Curry?

Asked by nebule (16446points) February 25th, 2009

Obviously it’s not going to taste the same…but will it taste good still?

And do you have any other suggestions?

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I think no; what’s your reason for not wanting to use coconut milk – let’s start there.

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i haven’t got any and i can’t go out and get any :-(

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I did a Google search for “coconut milk replacement” and found this first page that talks about alternatives you can use if you have those ingredients.

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I think you might be able to go with heavy cream… not sure how it will turn out… Red Curry is just so damn tasty… I don’t want ya to ruin it :)

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Heavy cream is a good texture substitute, you could add some coconut essence; but that’s an odd ingredient to have on hand.

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hmmmm looks like i might have to postpone as i have none of those ingredients…but thanks @dynamicduo x

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I have never cooked Thai food so I don’t know if substituting it with sweetened cream would be enough. If the recipe doesn’t need a massive amount, I’m sure you can cheat somehow. But if it’s a critical component then I guess you may have to postpone.

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um…. ‘milk’ is a loose term for ‘liquefied coconut pulp’... has nothing to do with moo milk… but, if you’re hell-bent on doing it, just make sure you don’t let the milk reach its boiling point(!) i made some thai green curry the other day… yumz0rz.

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I think I’ll leave it :-( never mind…. I’ll prepare better next time…I think about having a whim to cheer myself up!

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thanks everyone anyway!!! :-))))

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@lynneblundell: You do realize that now everyone that read this is craving curry, right? :)

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@bythebay: Yes, but I will be going to a Thai restaurant in about an hour, so at least I can do something about my craving.

And coconut “milk” adds a subtle but important flavor to recipes. While it might be good with heavy cream (it will get the right thickness) it won’t have that coconut under-taste that makes certain curries so addicting.

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You can- it won’t taste as sweet or coconutty, but won’t do anything different to the structure of the dish, if that makes sense.

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well…I did improvise in the end… I made a spicy chicken cacciatore… out of bits and pieces i had in the fridge…it was yummy… not curry but sufficient to satisfy my spice craving! thanks all x

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i have tried adding cornflour it tasted good.

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