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RJ45 connectors with inserts?

Asked by bpeoples (2551points) February 25th, 2009

So, in 2004, we bought a bunch of RJ45 connectors with these handy insert sleeves.

Basically, you had this tiny bit of plastic that you put the 8 wires into, and then shoved that whole thing into the main plug to crimp. Made crimping plugs a hecka lot easier, since you didn’t have to get them lined up 1/4” inside the connector, just lined up in this sleeve.

Anyone know where I can get these?

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Sounds nifty. Is this some fancy way of terminating an rj45?

Or do you mean these ? I love my non-technical search term, I couldn’t find it with “terminators”

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I believe the type of connector you are referring to is an insulation displacement crimp (IDC) style RJ45. I did a quick google search and didn’t find a consumer store that has them but I’ll keep looking. My company (Tyco Electronics) sells them but I’m not sure if we sell to consumers?

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I never have used one, Is this it?

I guess I just use the old fashion way of termination…

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Is this what you are talking about?

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Sort of—it’s a form ofRJ45 end (as @TheBox193 said) However, it’s not an IDC clamp—you still strip back 1/4” of insulation, untwist the wires and feed them into the sleeve, and then put them into.

Once terminated, looks like a totally normal RJ45 end, and uses a standard crimper.

Actually, I think they’re these RJ45

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Is it a male of female end?

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Yeah I looked at your link Sadly it’s hard to tell whats going on there without a higher-res image.

yeah typed the wrong name

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That was bpeoples link.

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Yeah, my mistake there.

Forget RJ45, I think you should use this

little joke there

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Yes. Please. Let’s bring back thinnet.

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I also looked for these connectors and found out that the RJ45 connectors with these extra sleeves was commonly known as CAT6 connectors (though they are identical to the normal RJ45 8p8c connectors compatible to CAT5, CAT5e)

Check this one out

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