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Need some tips on makeing a Poltical Cartoon?

Asked by Igota (1points) February 25th, 2009

Its for my Amercan Goverment class

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I need to Draw a Poltical Cartoon is what im getting at i need ideas on what to draw one about :).

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make fun of Bush, cant go wrong

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Well, what about Bush.

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Anyone eals please .

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The best thing to do is to look at a bunch of them—such as you see here—and (without copying any) try to make a statement in a similar way.

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Some odd reson that page dosnt wanan load at the schools coumpter.

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Bush-some common names
“Worst President Ever”
“One-Term President” -getting the minority of the popular vote against Al Gore in 2000
Invades Iraq on false pretenses about WMD’s
Invades Iraq to get rich, steal oil, Halliburton-Dick Cheney connection.
Cannot speak eloquently
cannot say the word “eloquently”
the list goes on…

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Perfect, ill take off from there.

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There ya go…

Picture of Bush in an interview with 20/20 or whatever. “Some people say I can’t speak elogently. I mean..uh…elphantly…uh…Laura, what’s that word again?”

Something along those lines.

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Its easy just draw something that illustrates a contradiction of some sort. Have the first box show a tv with a news channel and they are saying something about how the lack of restrictions on the financial market is what caused the current financial crisis, and then next the tv cuts to bobby jindal talking about how loosening restrictions on the economy is the only way to get out of this crisis. make sure you draw him in a funny way and of course in such a manner that draws the contradiction between what he said and what the obvious truth of the matter is…. in your own opinion of course.

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draw charactures to emphasize goofy looking physical traits

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