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Calibrating lag on Guitar Hero / Rock Band?

Asked by cage (3117points) February 25th, 2009

I’m playing guitar hero: world tour on the wii on a 65” HDTV made by LG.
I’m having real trouble getting the calibration just right and the werid thing is, if I get the guitar to fit perfectly, the drums go way out and vice versa.
Any help?

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I’m assuming you already tried calibrating them? Did you try automatic or manual? I can only speak for rock band, but you should be able to calibrate each instrument individually.

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I don’t think you can on guitar hero. SUCKS! :(

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Sorry about your luck, but I can’t imagine that there isn’t a solution for your problem. Unfortunately, being a RB player, I don’t have it.

Sounds like there is something wrong with your 65” TV. I’d be glad to take that off your hands if you’d like.

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