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Why do guys like really small/short girls?

Asked by Nicole18 (108points) February 25th, 2009
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Which guys are these? (5’0”)

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Perception is relative, and dudes like to feel big and strong.

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@syz – these are guys as tall as 6’5

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It’s just a preference. Some guys like soft women, some like hard athletic bodies. Some like tall, some short. Some like blondes, some brunettes.
I can tell you confidence is always attractive, so whatever you look like just be confident. There is always someone who likes the “type” you are. You just have to find him.

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Actually, in my experience, I have found that the majority of guys (and all the heterosexual guys) just like girls, period. If there is more than one and they have to choose, then they might pick one body type over another. Otherwise, as they mature guys tend to realize that personality type is more important in the long run than something like height.

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@Nicole18 you’re right
<<can’t help it

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Some of my best relationships were with taller women.

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And I prefer shorter men.

I get a crick in my neck from the tall guys.

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@nikipedia I think you are on to something there. I am relatively tall (6’2”), and I find myself attracted to shorter/smaller girls. That said, if a good looking 6’0” came on to me, I wouldn’t say no…

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No, no, no, no, no! Stop lying, people. It is well known, that if a girl isn’t taller than 5’ 6”, no man will even look at them, much less like them. Even if they are 5’6”, they might only get a side glance. What men want is women who are at least 6’ 6” tall. Preferably taller. It doesn’t matter how short the man is. He could be 4’ 8”. He still wants a beanpole.

There’s a really good reason why this is the case, but it’s a male secret. If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

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@Daloon – Does that explain why my brother’s second wife is 6’ 1”? (His third one is 5’ 4”)

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@Darwin: As you perfectly well know, it explains nothing of the sort! In fact, it doesn’t explain anything of any other sort, either. But, yes, if you insist, it does explain your brother’s choice in wives. Of course, the third one is a sign that he’s throwing in the towel. He can’t handle a real (read tall) woman.

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I was joking, son.

(Yes, she really is 6’ 1” but she is not a Nice Person, hence the third wife)

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@Darwin: Joking? Joking? How dare you joke at me! Why, I oughtta, oughtta….

I know. Me, too.

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My best friend is six-foot-five and his tallest girlfriend was five… one? I give him shit about “wanting what you don’t have” but it’s honestly just a coincidence. Apart from women over six feet typically looking disproportionate, I don’t think it’s an intentional preference most of the time.

Maybe there’s a biological predisposition buried in us somewhere, but I doubt it’s very prevalent if it exists.

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5’1 here…(husband 6’3)and as my Dad always told me, “Great things come in little packages”. @Nicole18, I don’t know what the rationale is for your Q but I can tell you I always wanted to be taller! It’s part of the great mystery of life.

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I think the guys who like shorter women just like to feel Bigger and like to toss the women around in the bedroom :)

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I dated a girl who was like 5’0 and im like 6“1. I felt it as being real weird, she had these little midget hands…

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I don’t think anyone likes really “short” girls. Height is just not an important factor at all. Guys like pretty girls, sexy girls, easy girls, funny girls, perhaps rich or intelligent girls. But nobody will pick a girl just because she’s short, unless she has something else going for her (nice hair?)

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okay im 5’3 1/2 am i concidered short?

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@Nicole – Not in south Texas. You would be average height here. But in Minnesota you would be short.

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I think the average height on a girl is like 5“1.

A lot of girls in Miami are short, but they make up for it in the rear.

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hah i don’t have a big butt.. but i do make up for it in the boob department. but im thin so a big butt would look funny on me.

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@Emdean1 You’re more right than you know.

I’m pretty sure the average height of an American woman is 5’4”

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“I don’t think anyone likes really “short” girls.”
So—all really short girls are certain to wind up single, and there are no really short happy brides? Isn’t that claim a little silly?

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so let me get this right: you are short and thin with big boobs and your problem is that guys like you, and so you come and post that on an internet site? Ok, no problem with that.

Jeruba that’s not what I meant, you’re taking it out of context. I meant that being short is not an advantage, and certainly not enough to make a guy like you. I explained it later.

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so your all saying just becasue im kinda short at 5’3 1/2 that i’m gonna wind up single?

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I just think any such generalization is bound to be wrong. There are sure to be people who are attracted to someone because she is short, just as some are attracted for all the other reasons. Pick almost any trait you can think of, including those that might generally be considered unattractive, and somebody will be attracted to it.

The things that spark that first attraction may not be a foundation for a relationship.

Some guys like really short girls. Some guys don’t. Maybe “What is it about short girls that some guys like?” would come closer to the matter, and there have already been some good answers to that. But there is no one trait that everybody feels the same about—thank goodness.

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@Nicole – “o your all saying just becasue im kinda short at 5’3 1/2 that i’m gonna wind up single?”

Not at all. Some examples:

My grandmother was 5 feet tall and she not only didn’t stay single, she was married for 55 years to a man who was 5’ 11”.

My nieces are both under 5 foot (4’ 9” and 4’ 11”) and both are married, with children. One married a tall guy (6’ 2”), the other an average guy (5’ 9”).

My cousin is 4’ 11” and married, with children. She married a man that is 5’ 2” tall.

My other cousin is 5’ 11” and married a man who is also 5’ 11”.

I am 5’ 8” tall and married a man who used to be 5’ 10” tall (he shrank and is now about 5’ 6” tall).

Two math teachers at one of the high schools I attended were married to each other – she was 6’ even and he was 5’ 3” tall.

Height has nothing to do with marriage or being single or anything else, unless possibly you are at one of the extremes, and even then you still might find someone.

And if the guys you are hanging out with seem too immature perhaps you need to find someone else to hang out with.

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sit and spin!!

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@TenaciousDenny Thanks I was just throwing it out there.

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@Emdean1 I am 6’2” and and my roommate is 6’6”, and we’ve used that “tossing around” phrase on more than one occasion.

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Because they are cute

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Why the hell not??

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I have dated all sorts of men from short to tall. Right now I have a boyfriend who is about 5’7 and I am also dating a guy who is 6’5 for sex..and that was hot! BTW I am 5’2 and slim with good boobs/body all around. With a set of heels I am like 5’6 so whatever don’t hate on shortness its about your vibe and if you have that glow you can land anything. We are all the same size when we lay on that bed honeyssss. May all your ups and down be in bed!!! <3

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. YUP! That is why I am engaged to one. Short, small, petite women RULE!!!

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Well I’m only 5” :(, I hate it, Ive never even had a boyfriend and I’m 16. But I don’t fancy being single forever.

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I’m a girl and I’m 4’11’’. Am I short???

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I’m 4’9 and I still tall guys hitting on me.. Like even 6’ tall

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