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What are names to some of the larger equipment used on mining grounds?

Asked by Introverted_Leo (1957points) February 25th, 2009

We have a lot of places to mine in Arizona, and everytime I drive by one of these places I see what looks like a converyor belt that perhaps serves as some sort of sifter? Then near older mines I see tall metal towers which look like they’re used to lift things…And there are other machines I’ve seen whose functions I have no idea of.

What are names to some of the larger pieces of equipment used for mining or exacavation, and what are they used for? Do a lot of them just have simple names like “sifter” or “excavator”? Or/also, does anyone know a good website that might explain some of these things? (I’m particularly looking for older equipment that would have been used before, say…the 1930s, but that can be hard to find.)

On a side note, I’ve been looking at some strange, larger-than-life examples such as this Bagger 288 and the machines at Ferropolis in Germany (great settings for fiction!).

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Drag Line Excavators.

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You can find all you want to know about these machines from one of it’s manufacturers, Bucyrus.

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Cool! I’m really liking their museum section. Thanks, Sueanne. : )

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The names of the larger equipment used on mining grounds are crushing equipments, rock crusher, screening equipments and conveying equipments. provides more information about mining equipments like Anaconda and Sandvik equipments.

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