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Shortness of breath?

Asked by lovelyone527 (46points) February 25th, 2009

Lately ive been feeling scared that im not going to be able to breathe ive been feeling like this for a couple of weeks now

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Hello lovelyone527. Welcome to Fluther. You say that you’ve been feeling scared that you are not going to be able to breath. Do you mean, you are anxious about this issue, or, you really are having difficulty breathing? The former, anxiety about difficulty breathing is fairly common. In addition, difficulty breathing, or shortness of breath can have a number of potential causes, ranging from lung problems like asthma or pneumonia to heart problems like congestive heart failure or arrhythmias. Your avatar suggests that you are young, so, most likely it is something benign (meaning not serious). Either way, you need a thorough medical evaluation by a doctor.

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Thank you shilolo, Yes im anxious about this issue im not having difficulties with my breathing at all which is weird i think its anxiety its been on my mind for awhile, I don’t have asthma. But your right i do need to see a medical doctor thank you, you made me feel a little better i do get paranoid sometimes also

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Anxiety, in general, can cause people to feel all sorts of things. Moreover, when people get anxious, they often hyperventilate, sometimes giving the sensation of difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. Still, this discussion is no substitute for seeing a doctor. If it is anxiety, than there are ways to manage it. If it is something else, then, other diagnostic tests might be indicated. Good luck.

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See a doctor.

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hmmm thats strange but I wonder why you would worry about it :) I used to worry that the light bulb in my bathroom might explode… I’ve seen it do that once 1 year ago and I still can’t help ducking down whenever I pass under it :)

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Thanks frigate1985 that made me feel better i shouldn’t worry about it theres more important things to worry about.

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such as….? :) I suddenly think I know what that is…lol

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