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What's fun stuff to do on a date in san francisco?

Asked by enki (1points) February 26th, 2009
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I just went there about a couple of months ago with a guy friend and we went to pier 39 and i have to say it was a blast theres cute little shops there and great resturaunts. Also chinatown is really fun and cheap

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Buy a day pass for the public transportation system and ride around on the cable cars.

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@answerjill good answerjill

Go to the bath house ruins and walk about. Great place to see the ocean

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jump on the…uh…I suddenly forgot what they were called…you know, that train thingy…it’ll be fun! Unless you can’t ignore the oh-you-two-no-respect-for-public-transprtation-laws-couple look people give you. :)

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On a daytime date, have dim sum in Chinatown. It is very intimate sharing the little plates.

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I made a list of fun places to go in San Francisco in response to another question. Undoubtedly, some of these things would also be fun on a date.

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