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Would you mind being called " Bozo " or " Bozo Head " ?

Asked by Johnny_Rambo (888points) February 26th, 2009

I have this habit of affectionately or humorously calling friends and relatives ” Bozo ” that bad ?

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Like This: Hey Bozo-head , what’s up ?

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I usually get this response: You’re the Bozo-head, Bozo-head !

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If the humor comes across, I don’t see a problem. If the humor doesn’t come across, it’s potentially rather offensive.

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The little ones go crazy,,,they actually believe I think they have a Bozo-head.

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I have a friend who calls me that all the time. I’m amused by it but I don’t think I would be amused if it came from someone I don’t know very well.

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It’s a cute, funny term, so I wouldn’t mind it from a friend. But someone who is sensitive or can’t take a joke might find it offensive.

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