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Are you a fan?

Asked by fireside (12302points) February 26th, 2009

I have never really been someone who gets caught up with a person to the point where I would call myself a fan? I have met famous people and prefer to talk to them rather than fawn over them.

What about you? Do you get crazy over certain rock stars or actors? Do you keep an autograph book of famous people? Do you have any autographed memorabilia?

What do you think causes someone to become a fan versus someone who appreciates another person’s work or character?

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I’m the anti-fan. I can’t act like that to someone’s face. How embarrassing. They are normal people that just happen to be talented in a certain way. I mean, if I’m in the crowd at a concert I will jump around and yell, but when I meet them face to face I’m calm. My son is a drummer, so I usually ask for a pair of signed sticks. He has like 30 pair.

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I’ve only ever met a few famous people. I met the band Chicago, because I was dating one of the band member’s nephews at the time. I got a couple autographs, because well, wouldn’t you? I also met Alan Parsons at BeatleFest in Chicago one year. I knew he was going to be there, so I brought one of his CDs so I could get an autograph.

I really like the band Chicago, so I’d say that was a “fan” moment, but I’m not so super crazy about Alan Parsons, I just thought I had to get his autograph because it was convenient.

I think if I ever ran into someone famous on the street or some other informal setting, I’d be embarrassed to ask for an autograph. Not because I wouldn’t be able to talk to the person, but because I wouldn’t want to disrupt their day/activity. I think it is kind of rude to just stop someone on the street.

Unless that person is Paul McCartney. Completely different story. ;-)

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well i wouldnt say im a crazy fan.. like crying if i see someone famous.. but i do get a little excited . i mean its kind of cool seeing someone in person that you would normally see on tv or listen to in a song. for example i saw one of the characters from that show one tree hill at a museum.. i didnt go bother him but i was looking at him for a while just to see if it was real or if i was dreaming. hehe my brother was laughing cause i kept bringing it up. i know that celebrities do have real lives off set and its kind of cool to see them in a normal place. i guess it kind of surprised me

:) and as for music. i have met some of the bands that i listen to.. they are really cool people when u get to talk to them.. and surprisingly taller then i expected.. heheh

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As a teenager I was more likely to be a “fan”. Now I just see them as people doing their job. There are some people who I would love to sit down and talk to but I can’t see myself falling all over them.

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The only persons I’m a fan of are the Denver Broncos and Bill Clinton.

I never understood how people can get so crazy over another person. My sister lives in Los Angeles and she called me one day bragging about her celebrity sightings that day. She saw three different actors. OMG!!! She told me “It’s great living in L.A.”. I was thinking to myself “well, I saw a deer, eagle and heard a coyote today. Isn’t it great to live in Illinois!”.

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@jonsblond: That’s so funny. I agree with you: seeing a penguin in its natural habitat was far more exciting than any celebrity encounter I’ve ever had.

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@Les <high five> :)

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Everyone should work in film or TV production or in the music business for a couple of months. They’d get over that fawning shite toute suite.

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Jonas Bros fans. Poor kids these days.

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@aprilsimnel – lol, great point

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I’m a huge fan of Ben Folds, but I’m never “star struck” when I see him as many responses have described. I have all the tickets stubs from concerts I’ve seen of his, I have all the albums and if I had money to spare I’d join his fan club. But, I wouldn’t act like Wayne and Garth did with Alice Cooper if I got backstage passes or anything. Crying and acting like a general fool around some famous person you like is like idolization. And I don’t idolize anyone. I want to fuck his brains out, but I don’t idolize.

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Nope, not a fan of being a fan. I definitely don’t understand and cannot relate to the whole celebrity worship thing. When people ask questions like “who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with?” and many people begin reeling off the names of celebrities, I just can’t understand it. I’d much rather choose a “real” person.

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I am a big fan of myself and my own thoughts.

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I could care less about celebrities and rock stars. Almost everything else in life excites me more. I might be a fan of their movies or music, but I know they are just real people like the rest of us. I’ve never understood the obsession, nor do I care to. I’ve always thought that the people who are obsessed, just need to get a life of their own to focus on. But to each their own really!

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I’m not a fan of people (actors, musicians, artists). I appreciate the works of certain people, and some more than others, but I’d never really call myself a fan of anyone.
Now, The Amazing Race, alcohol, burritos… those are a different story.

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i think being a fan and being fanatic are 2 different things as far as the connotation of the word. I’m a HUGE fan of U2, but were i ever to meet Bono and the Edge i wouldn’t go crazy and jump and scream…. i’d actually try to have a normal conversation with them… get to know them as the people behind the public image…. and then MAYBE once we had a nice chat… i’d ask for an autograph :)

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Im a fan of women. I go GAGA for TATAs

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I’ve never understood the screaming and crying that I’ve seen at concerts for some bands/performers. I like and have liked performers, actors, etc. but I could never get myself that worked up about them. I have met a few famous people over the years and have always been respectful but not fawning(as others have mentioned).

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I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman in that I greatly respect his work, love his writing, follow his blog and twitter stream, and, you know, am generally appreciative. However, the last time he was nearby, it was an hour and a half away and I considered that too much of trip to see him talk because the talk would be online later and the books were pre-signed and it was a weeknight. I did, on the other hand, once take a two hour trip on the weekend to see him talk, sign stuff, and visit some museums (he was in DC).

The DC trip made me respect him way more (he stayed double the time he had planned for to make sure everyone got something signed. Um, I didn’t go crazy or anything when I saw him. But I do kind of get crazy excited when he puts new books out, so maybe I’m more of a fan of his writing? Anyway, after seeing he was so great to his fans, I came to appreciate him more and more just because, you know, he seems like a really stand up guy and in the world of famous people I’m not sure there are enough of them.

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I am a fan of a number of creative people. I don’t necessarily even want to meet them or anything, I just keep an eye out for their latest work and get my hands on it/go see it. My interests include certain authors, and yes, Neil Gaiman is one such author but I’ll be darned if I will go battle crowds or drive more than 30 minutes just to see him (I have heard many nice things about him as a person, though).

I am also a fan of Harlen Ellison’s work, but I have had interactions with him and I don’t like him as a person all. I am also interested in certain actors and artists but I am not at all interested in meeting them, just in seeing their work and appreciating what it took to create it.

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Kris Norris (guitarist for Darkest Hour) is my god and idol. I did freak out when i was next to the stage at there show but was also busy moshing. Im a half fan?

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I went through a five year hockey-loving phase a while back. I had a favorite player and I actually got him to sign something for me in person. But I didn’t get all “SQUEE!” about it to his face or anything. I think that helped me stand out from all the other people who were.

It’s not like he was some kind of superhero or deity. He was just a nice guy whose hockey style (and good looks) I liked a lot. I suppose that made me a fan.

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Nope. They put their pants on one leg at a time, same as me. I don’t fawn over any of them, but there are some I don’t mind gazing at!!

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It’s strange, I wrote a letter to my favorite sci-fi author, and I tried to keep it sane, but somehow, as I was telling him how much I enjoy his work, it sonded all gushy and fan-frantic. So I never sent it. I would hate to come across as someone who gushes over someone else like that, but the man’s work pretty much saved my life when I was a teen. hard to not think of him as something more than most.

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I’m a fan of a few people, but not an extremist.

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Fan, yes – fawn, no.

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@jonsblond are the coyote running in herds in Illinois these days? I know I’ve been gone a while, but…

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@Yetanotheruser We have a pack that lives in the woods surrounding us and we hear them every night (if the windows are open). They are starting to make a comeback here in Illinois.

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i am certainly a fan. i’ll even go as far as saying that i am fanatic over some bands. however if/when i meet them, i can compose myself. i think it’s really disrespectful when people (often girls) act ridiculous when they meet famous people. i mean, i can be downright obsessive over bands i like, but i refuse to do anything that will freak the person out when i meet them. i cried when i met my chemical romance, but i really really restrained myself, and apologized when a few tears leaked out when i met gerard haha.

but yeah, i’m not ashamed whatsoever of being a fan, but i am embarrassed for other people who act like creeps when they meet whoever they’re a fan of.

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im not a mark, id otn fall into that category

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@kevinhardy – Excuse me? Could you translate please?

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I’m an out and proud Barbra Streisand fan prepares for ridicule

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@Leanne1986—While I question your taste, I heartily applaud your openness about it! :D

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@ubersiren – Mr Folds is on wife #4, IIRC, right? You just might get a chance! :D

The only person that I felt like a FAN around was Michael Palin, who has to be one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I didn’t stammer or stutter, but I was nervous just the same, and I’m sure it was obvious. We had a very brief conversation at a talk/Q&A he gave a couple of years ago, and I’ll never forget it.

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@aprilsimnel I am jealous of you, I adore Michael Palin :)

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@MacBean Haha…thank you

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Fawn, yes. Fan, no. I am, however, a great fan of Bambi. I guess I’m a fawn fan.

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