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What is the true meaning of life?

Asked by yorto (77points) February 26th, 2009
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good question,...personaly I highly believe/agree with the following link

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42 sorry can’t help my self

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damn, you beat me to it!

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I got a bad virus from Knocked out my computer.
Foolaholic, love that bunny.
I like how no one wrote about the meaning of life. No one knows.

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Everybody knows the answer. It’s the question that eludes us.

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i think it has something to do with balance, of good and bad in your life….. in your experiences , u define yourself…. so that means we are all different but very similar, n in life, we are defined by what we do, and how we react

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@yorto That sounds like a great answer. Maybe you could stick around Fluther and be our official “meaning of life” expert. Welcome!

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I wonder how many people, in total, will say 42? I don’t know why anyone bothers to ask this question. There must be different ways of phrasing it. You go, vorto! I second Harp’s motion.

Although, the way I usually say it is: whatever you want it to be.

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@lightlyseared haha I always answer the same way… good ole hitchiker’s guide.

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The meaning of life is to have fun and enjoy yourself.

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I like yorto’s analysis.

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@Lightlyseared No, the question is well established. “What do you get when you multiply 7 and 8?”

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@Grisson – Really? I thought the question was “What is 100 minus 58?”

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@fireside I checked, My bad, it was “What do you get when you multiply 6 by 9”.

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Being all that you can be and work hard for what you want and just enjoy life while you can!!!

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Do the right thing. Love everyone.

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My meaning to life is to be a general service for the betterment of mankind as a whole. Hopefully by doing that I can glorify God and be of service to Him, because in my view He designed us to love and have fellowship with him and all of mankind.

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Sounds good to me.^^

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I think life is to love and to be loved

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personal happiness and goal achievment

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