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What are your favorite free and legal music downloading blogs?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8286points) February 26th, 2009

First off, this isn’t a question about the morality or legality of downloading music. That being said, my two favorites are Motel de Moka and Song, by Toad . I like them because they provide a good variety of music and have a good organization going. What are your favorite music blogs that provide free and legal downloads? I’m looking to mix it up…

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I like Motel de Moka.

i think i asked this not too long ago, though:

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Metafilter has a music section. It is stuff made by members there. It has at least a few new songs added everyday.

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Soul seek?

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I think it’s offline now because some investors are looking at it, but I really like, athough it’s not really a blog.

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I like this one because it has a lot of my favorite composers.

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Jamendo (well, not a blog, but they do have a blog).

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strike gently is the best, as far as i’m concerned.
good music, and good humor.

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