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How do i get my parents to get off my back about grades?

Asked by Nicole18 (108points) February 26th, 2009
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Study more?

What are the details? Are you a B student that they want to make 4.0? A D student? A C student who could do better?

Grades do have a big impact on your later life. Assume your parents have your best interests at heart when they bug you about it.

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You could get better grades. Or at least show that you are trying to improve.

I’m going to assume your grades started slipping once you started seeing a boy. They have every right to bitch if you can’t manage to date and do your homework. I doubt you can do anything to change their mind.

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Work hard, and bring them up! Seems like the best thing to do to me.

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Easiest way to go? Get better grades.

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Like someone else said, get better grades.

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First, it would help to know what kinds of grades you are getting, what your parents expect to see, grade wise. Also, it would help to know if you can honestly say you are doing your best. That means, are you prepared? Are you studying? Are you doing your homework? Are you asking for help when you need help? Is it in one subject or more? Do you need help in the subject?

That is what we (my husband and I) ask (consider) when it comes to grades. We know that our daughter is doing her best and she’s getting good grades. If she started to slip – we would examine what was going on and see how we could help her.

When I was in HS, I was a straight A student, until Latin. I hovered at a C, improved to a B. I struggled, it just was something that escaped me, my parents did see me doing my best – and were happy with the B. I worked my butt off to get that B – an A, really wasn’t in me, maybe if it was a full year course, but not as a semester. I did my best, they understood.

Is it possible that they don’t feel that you are trying hard enough?

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I go along with “get better grades” That seems to be the consensus nationwide. Even the president said you don’t have a right to fail or drop out, so step up, be responsible and prepare yourself to be a contributing member of society.

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spend less time here on fluther and more time studying your lessons :P

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Well, trying to get your parents off your back is almost as impossible as trying to dodge a machine gun fire because IF your scores improve so that you get straight As, I’m reasonably certain that your parents, in the back of their minds, will start thinking about Ivy League schools. And then theyll start “suggesting” Ivy League, and before you know it, you are studying like a dog to get into one…I did the similar thing and my mom’s making me go to the top high school in my country. I go to institutes from 1 pm to 11:20pm during school vacation :(
Anyways, good luck!

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Change your attitude about your parents “backing off.”. They are your parents. Be responsible, do your best, participate in the life of your family.

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Grades only matter if you:

(a) Want to graduate High School
(b) Get into College/University
(c) Get a Degree

But also, if those are your goals – don’t fret about grades. They are only numbers and they don’t determine who you are as a person or your worth. If you fail or do poorly in a course you can take it again – it’s not the end of the world.

Maybe you are doing poorly because you aren’t interested in the subject; in that case find a subject you are passionate about.

I really enjoy math and physics so I’ve decided to go back to college and I need to upgrade my high school grades because I didn’t care enough to try hard. But now I am doing well because I want to succeed.

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get better ones!

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i sooo hate it when my parents are bugging me about my grade now that i go to a one of those expensive smart schools all my old friends kinda treat me diffrent nowi soo reallie hate that cause i mean hey just cause i go to another school doesnt mean im gonna stop bein me but i totally understand everyone whose parents always tripp over there grade hey how about yall cone and do all this for us thats what i say!

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This question should have been “how can I improve my grades?” or “what kind of studying habits have you used to give you better grades?”

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@Nicole18: And remember that the grades usually (not always, I know) represent what and how much you are learning. There must be a few intellectual disciplines that you find interesting and would enjoy pushing yourself in. The good grades will then come naturally.

@rockstar4411: Perhaps if nothing else, you might consider paying more attention in English class. You can still be you and write a little more clearly.

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I loved that my parents were on my back about my grades all the time. Sadly, as a child, sometimes you need that sort of motivation to get where you need to be.

Thanks to their encouragement, I’m in a PhD program now.

And I probably wouldn’t be if they hadn’t cared as much as they did.

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As the rest of the collective has rather effectively expressed Try Harder. Do Better.
Be grateful that your parents are making the effort to encourage you. Obviously, they know the importance of excelling academically, and you need to take advantage of this. There are soooooooo many people out there with an immense amount of potential that sit idly, for they never had anyone to push them in the right direction. Instead of complaining about their constructive criticism, thank them for it, and try to comply with their wishes. You’ll be better off for it. :)

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great advise Sloane2024.

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right on

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Get good grades, work hard, and go above and beyond. Once you’re getting great grades, your parents will have no reason to harp on you.

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Based on other questions you have asked, you might also reconsider some of the folks you are hanging around with. A bit more time in the library and a bit less time with immature guys will often help your grades immensely.

Even better, see if you can find a guy who is not only cute but good in your subjects and willing to tutor you. That could lead to something really good, and good grades to boot.

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hey thanks for the advise Darwin

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Transfer to a school that doesn’t give grades.

Oh. Wait. That would probably be even harder. Scratch that idea. We wouldn’t want you to have to work hard, would we?

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You’re building your foundation. Make it rock solid so that future experiences can be built upon it. Work hardder than you think you can the pay off will be quicker than you think. Next thing you know you’ll be thanking your parents for taking the time to motivate you. Hard work is being true to yourself then success will follow. Good luck now get to work. :0)

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just tell them to leave you alone/ ignore them. or run away. or get better grades. maybe its not as bad as you think it is.

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Study hard, and show that you are making the best of your potential. It would help if you read and asked questions and tried to find something that especially interested you. It is easier to do well in a subject you like. And being interested in one subject often leads to developing an interest in others, as well.

Good luck to you!

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If you move out, get a job, pay your own rent, buy your own food, pay for your own transportation, live under the roof that you’re paying for and wear the clothes that you’ve purchased from the money you make working at your job…you won’t have to listen to your parents anymore.

Or you can just suck it up, be happy they care and try a little harder.

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You could do what they do to you. Sit them down and give them the deal-e-o. They’ll respect that mature way of communication. Say, “Mom, Dad- I am trying my very best to make good grades for you and for my future. But it might not come as easy to me as it does other kids. And you riding me all the time makes it even harder. So get off my fucking back, or I’ll never be able to relax around no. 2 pencils and I’ll end up in therapy.”

In fact, just print that out for them.

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This is probably not what you want to hear but you should probably be building a shrine in honor of your parents. Far too many people never achieve anything because their parents never cared enough to push them. Seems like you’re lucky enough to have parents who care how you do in life. Think about what your grades do for them—probably not much beyond short-term bragging rights. But, for you, good grades mean a better future and ability to support yourself.

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Turn around and face them; move your back. They aren’t the enemy, and it’s their duty to guide you toward what they — with 20 or 30 years more experience in the big old “real world” — see as the best course you can follow to success. It’s your duty to follow their guidance, and believe it or not it’s also in your best interest.

If you showed any strong interests and/or talents, say in music or math or athletics, they would be pushing you to excel at that. If they’re only pushing you to get better grades, they must think you most need to practice applying your brain, and dedicating your efforts, to whatever mission is at hand. At the moment, apparently, the mission is to achieve passing or even superior grades; succeeding at that is what gives you the confidence to know that you can try and succeed at something besides sitting on a couch waiting for your next welfare check.

Don’t be afraid to trust them on this. They’re not on your back, but they’re certainly behind you. They’re doing their best, and that’s all they ask of you.

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