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Does Fluther have a new public chat room? Yes!

Asked by jlm11f (12393points) February 26th, 2009

A lot of members have mentioned that they would like to go to the chat room but they always lose the link, or it changes or they feel it’s “exclusive” because it’s private. The latter is not true of course, since we had to make the room private because one annoying kid wouldn’t stop spamming it.

So here’s the deal: this room always stays open, but if and when it gets spammed, we move to the “secret” room temporarily until nuisance goes to hide in his hole once again. Also, all “chat-type” questions or off topic comments should be discussed there. Just tell the other jelly to meet you in the chat room and voila you have instant communication!

The link is Drop in whenever you have a second to just say hi, vent about something or if you want to further discuss a topic with any jellies.

Bookmark that link because once you enter the room, the link in address bar changes. Also, enter with your Fluther username so we know who you are! Questions/comments/suggestions are welcomed as always.

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This is great news. Thanks for the information and the link. :o)

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What if I want to be anonymous?

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@tinyfaery. We’ll pretend we don’t know you. Would that work? j/k

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What chat room? standard response

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I believe you.

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Why’d you kill the old public chat from two weeks ago so quick?

I’ll visit tomorrow, I’m too busy today.

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ahh now i can have sex with robots…

oh wrong chat room.

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Sounds great. Thanks for the info!

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PnL, can you PM me with the secret room? I lost it. Of course. LOL

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@poofandmook – PM sent. but remember, we will only use that room now if the public room has problems.

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