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Did you have a comfort item when you were young? What about your kids?

Asked by elijah (8647points) February 26th, 2009 from iPhone

I had a pink blankie. My mom “lost” it when I started school. She gave it back when I was about 20.
My son had a stuffed monkey named e e. The poor thing lost an arm, an eye, and it looked like it had mange. It is still in my sons closet.
My daughter has a small blankie, it has a stuffed lamb head and arms on it and a blanket body. It’s name is lovey.

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My daughter had a Pooh Blanket, my son has a train blanket *he’s 5, it’s still on his bed. I had a bear and a pink blanket – I still have both!

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I had a teddy bear, my daughter has dummies (ok, all kids do, but mine is obsessed about them and will never go anywhere without one in her pocket at least). She also has special items she is attached to, such as a rucksack (for the dummies), a basket into which she puts various toys, her favourite mug etc. But she doesn’t have a favourite doll or blanket or anything.

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For me, my mom.
For my children, me.

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I had a family of stuffed animals that lived in the “apartment building” that was my bed. Teddy was the de facto leader.

Also starring:
Brownie the Bunny
Sammy the Seal
Hippy the Hippo
with special guest star
Garfield the Cat

It was like Friends for Stuffed Animals.

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I have comfort clothing. It used to be beanies in general, now it’s shifted to sunglasses. I enjoy how they make me feel more isolated.

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Yes. I had a blanket and a couple stuffed animals (Eager Beaver and a white bear that rattles). I’m still kind of attached to them, but not in a I-must-have-them-or-else-it-will-be-a-sleepless-night kind of way.

I have no children.

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@Jack79 what is a dummie? I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the term.

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@TheDeadWake I love big sunglasses. They make me feel sexy and chic. I never thought of them as adult comfort items, but they surely are.

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I had a blankie. I still have the satin edge of the blankie, which I slept with nightly well into adult-hood. It lives in a drawer now. (Though I don’t sleep with it anymore, I still like the feel of satin. I lay my top sheet upside down so I can feel the tag!) Hangs head in shame. My eldest had a blankie and a tiny bear. They are in a box in her closet. My middle has had a variety of things, she cycles through them. However, she has always had her hair, and still plays with it. My youngest plays with her ear. All of us sucked our thumbs when we were little, too.

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@augustlan I also sucked my thumb :-)

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funnily enough I’ve just started sleeping with a teddy again…

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My mom made me a blanket with the multiplication table on it.

It was the answers, but not the questions. So she would toss something on it and it would land on 63 on the grid. I had to tell her 7X9. I was down with multiplication and division before kindergarten.

I still have that blanket.

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I have Loyyd. Loyyd (I specifically remember me at 4 years of age spelling his name for my mother with two Ys instead of two Ls) is a Cabbage Patch doll with no hair. He’s been with me since I was less than 1 year old, when my parents found out they were having my sister they bought him for me.

He’s never put away. He’s always out in the open somewhere. I had him out during the past two days while I was suffering from intense back pain. Holding him is very comforting.

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For me a stuffed dog named Sue-Sue…I carried it around until it’s neck was in shreds – it now resides in a place of honor in my hope chest.

For my daughter(12) a teddy her cousin gave her at birth that has traveled the world and sleeps with her every night; it’s threadbare and hideously wonderful.

For my son, also a teddy given to him at birth. It also traveled the world with him and rests on his bed. However, Teddy is now too cool to travel to sleep overs and camps anymore, he prefers to hang quietly at home! ;)

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I had this white teddy bear, and, for some reason, I got great comfort out of tickling my nose with one of its hind leg. Eventually the pad on that foot wore off, and the stuffing started coming out. I think that bear might actually still be around somewhere, in a box in an attic.

My daughter has a small quilt. It, too, is now so frayed that it’s hard to see how it can exist. We bought that quilt from the woman who made it when we were up in Canada. She had made another quilt next to it that was such a cool pattern. I coveted it immensely, but it was way over our price range.

My son? Hmmm. Can’t think of one. Unless it’s a rock. I do believe he’s gone to bed with favorite rocks.

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dummy=soother=pacifier (I’m sure there’s many other terms for it I’m not familiar with)

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I had a stuffed animal that was once a light blue dog but is now a gray hairless creature with stitches on its belly (I used to play veterinarian). I also have The Camel with the Wrinkled Knees my aunt made for me. Both are in the cedar chest. Dog-dog was my preferred lovie because Camel smelled funny (he was filled with foam rubber).

My brother had “Augie Doggie” and a Texaco tank truck that was big enough to ride on when you are only two.

My sister had an endless supply of green plastic army men and an occasional dinosaur.

My daughter’s “lovey” was her dad and my son’s was me and his thumb. For some reason neither one was particularly attached to an object of any sort.

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At 4, when I felt freaked out, I would get into my yellow footy PJs with the bunny embroidered on the front and get my yellow blankie. I also had a thing for yellow food. Over that stuff by the time I started kindergarten.

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2 items:
Full body red spiderman pajamas with a white plastic zipper up the front(which I had a bad experience with some certain skin getting caught in), and a Hershey’s teddy bear that always smelled like chocolate.

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My son has a hand-knit blanket he won’t sleep without. He’s nearly loved it to death—it’s full of holes and long loops of pulled-out yarn.

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I have a stuffed raccoon that used to be pink and purple… it’s now grey and purple… bald spots, scuffed eyes. But the nose is a smooth brown plastic; when I was little I called it the “chocolate” nose… and even to this day, I still find myself rubbing the nose when I get stressed out. I still sleep with it every night.

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a little yellow bunny, named Bunny. i swear i’ve become more creative since then.

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I had a blue bunny, amazingly named “BlueBunny”. The thing is around here somewhere. My kids didn’t like it… It’s amazing I didn’t have nightmares, the thing has red eyes.

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No. Though the light blue blanket on my twin bed wore out over the years and I can’t part with that old raggedy thing.
My kids had brief attachments to certain stuffed animals but nothing very prolonged or permanent other than the binkys.

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My wonder boy, Tiny Tim, has a yellow and pink afghan he’s been loving since he was seven weeks old. The boy was born sick, literally, and required surgery at age six weeks to correct pyloric stenosis. By the time he received the corrective surgery he had projectile vomited on every blanket in the joint. I finally raided his sister’s stash and found a yellow, pink and white jobby that looked especially absorbant. Sure enough, that little guy just loved that blanket! He’s 11 now and that freaking blanket has seen him through a ridiculous number of bizarre mishaps. Gotta love a pre-teen who can still carry-off the pink and yellow blankie!!

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I had a puffalump, which I believe was a pink lamb. I named her Puffy. I had her until I got very sick as a child, with Scarlet Fever. My mother made me through it out. I cried for weeks.

Then I had a pink heart shaped pillow. I think I got strep throat, and my mother threw it out while I was in the tub.

Then I had a blue pillow, that I could not sleep without. And ex boyfriend ripped it open and destroyed it. I don’t recall exactly how it happened, but I still have it but cannot use it.

Then I got Margy, who was a stuffed alligator my now husband got me on our first vacation together, in Florida. I still have him.
I apparently develop attachments to inanimate objects a lot.

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I had a stuffed white (well, gray) bear, named, oddly enough, Snowball. My dad gave her to me. She has a Massilon Tigers t-shirt on (it was mine but obviously no longer fits), and she was originally a Valentine’s Day bear (her front right paw says “LOVB”—the E has become a B because of so much “lovb”). I liked her because she was the perfect size to squeeze and hug. (Things like Beanie Babies and the smaller stuffed animals just aren’t good for squeezing.)

I packed her away a few years back when I became disillusioned about the relationship between me and my father. She no longer comforts in the way she used to—she just reminds me of the failed relationship between my father and I.

And strangely enough, even as an adult, I get strongly attached to blankets—I have several from when I was growing up, several that have been purchased recently, and one from when my mom was growing up: old and soft and cuddly. I guess I just like blankets. :)

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As a youngling, no. I had a blanket, but it wasn’t a security blanket. I had stuffed animals, but I didn’t need them. I had an imaginary friend – a fairy named Magalynn. She had blue skin and she taught me how to fly.

When I got older I had a set of magic keys, that would fit into secret keyholes in knots of trees, or cracks in the floorboards, or whatever. Then I could travel to fantasy lands where I could battle dragons or wander in an enchanted garden. It was my own way of escaping my shitty home life.

I still have my magic keys – I carry them with me everywhere. Sometimes they still comfort me during particularly stressful days.

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I love your magic keys…where can I get some ;-) I’ve often thought about having an imaginary friend as a child but I could never quite suspend disbelief for long enough and consistently enough to carry it through… :( I always had my thumb though.

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I’m actually thinking about putting together sets of “magic keys” and selling them on Etsy. I have the keys already, but I need to Fairydust them up. ^_^

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@Seek_Kolinahr do it..I’ll be your first customer… price willing of course;-)

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My comfort item isn’t an item at all, it’s my kit-cats and puppy.


I had a stuffed, dark brown Beaver named “Chico Spratt” that my parents bought for me when I was about 7 years-old. They bought the toy Beaver when I saw it in the window of a souvenir shop in the city’s downtown, and I fell in love with it. I used to take it to bed, on vacation, and everywhere in between. Before going to bed, I used to put my stuffed Beaver on top of the drawer beside my bed and loudly tell him “Chico Spratt go to sleep!” But instead I imagined him never sleeping, but standing nearby protecting me throughout the night.

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