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Remember the computer game "Paranoid"?

Asked by Noobie (72points) February 27th, 2009

There was a computer game I used to play long time ago when we were using DOS instead of Windows. It is called Paranoid.

My problem is that, now that I want to play this game, I have to use the Shift keys, but when I hit the Shift key several times in a row I get the “StickyKey” message from Windows XP that interrupts the game.

I was wondering if anybody knows how to change the Settings of this game so that I can use other keys instead of the Shift keys.

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Couldn’t you just turn of sticky keys in windows (the setting is in ease of access – keyboard settings somewhere)

Paranoid was a great game. Had it for the C64 and loved it.

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Ah, thanks. I was thinking about doing that but couldn’t find it. Now that I look more carefully I find it. I had to hit the Shift key 5 time and then un-check the box for “shortcut for StickyKey” in the Settings.

But if I want to turn it on do you know where I can find it?!

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Why would you want to turn stickykeys on? I never found a use for it, it was just a nuisance.

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Noobie – how did you ever get the game working in XP? When I issue the command “paranoid” at the comman prompt in XP, all I get is a blank screen. Please help, I would love to play this game that I was crazy about during the good old days.

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Ok I found it..there is this software called DOSBox (, it is awesome, it emulates DOS so you can run all your old OLD DOS Games/Programs in it.

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