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Please welcome the newest Fluther member to the 10K club - uberbatman!

Asked by jlm11f (12378points) February 27th, 2009

Holy lurve batman! Did he really earn his way up to this spot using his knowledge about various topics ranging from fish to weed, humor and face palms?

Congratulations uber!

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10K powered by weed. Congrats.

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Yes weed can!

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Yes weed can(nabis).

Muh, I tried.
Congrats, uber!

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Jackson got 10k?!


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duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh, ten kay!

Trapped by his own genius – how will the Caped Crusader get out of THIS pickle?!
Tune in next question to find out!
Same Fluther time – same Fluther channel!

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Uber (and Michael Phelps) should be the spokespeople for marijuana.

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sheesh! I’m still only in the 3k club, and I’ve been here for a year and a half… I guess I don’t spend enough quality time within the Fluther.

But congrats to uber—he’s a great kid!

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@cprevite – Hahahaha!

uh, and w00t! for Uberbatman’s 10K!

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imagine what he’d do sober.

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Congratulations! May you hit 100K even faster. :)

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Holy 10,000 lurve uberbatman Congratulations!!!

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Congratulations! Nice work!

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aw congrats! (:

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Woohoo! Congrats!

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Uberbatman alles! Congratulations.

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High-5 Uberbatman! Awesome!

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Congratulations, Uberbatman! That’s a whole lot of lurve!

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uber-lurve for uberbatman!

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Thank you all :)

@Harp lol4rl

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Congratulations Uber! Here’s a stack of pancakes.

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Whoa! Multiple, overlapping pancakes.

This may require oxygen

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you know what pancakes signify on this site, right?

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so does SuperMouse I would assume

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if someone posts a picture of a chicken, we’re all screwed.

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@uberbatman: When you write your acceptance speech, I’d like a shout out for suggesting your amazing avatar. I believe your lurve climbed commensurately after you got rid of angry face…you’re so warm and rainbow-y now :)


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I do; hence the picture. The more pancakes the better I always say.

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Praise and congratulations to the über dark knight.

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@SuperMouse: after that many pancakes, you might not be able to say anything

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@Supermouse – iHOP for pancakes! :0)

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Nice one! I mean that to Uber and then to everyone’s amazingly insane jokes.

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I’m sending you a congratulatory prescription from California…

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Way to go!! I was looking around for a really cool and funny pic to post along with my congrats post, and I found this. Kinda spooky, huh?

Anyway, congrats uber. I’m kinda surprised you didn’t hit this point sooner!! You are a very popular and well loved member here.

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10K? Thats uberbatman! Congrats : )

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Nimis, i love you.

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I’m going to celebrate.

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Congrats, but I think Pupn Taco beat you there!

I had just noticed and thought that this was his thread, i must have missed that one, lol

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I lurves you too.

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I feel like our thread in January had a lot to do with it… LURVE YOU, UBER <3

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One word, uber: aoxomoxoa

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we ate the acid :P

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Congrats uber! :) And we know both you AND Michael Jackson AREN’T black. :)

Here’s a granola bar. Eat it! It’s good for you. :)

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I finally managed to find this, as you know my internet was out when you hit 10K.

You earned ten thousand lurve, I shall reward you with one free boning.
But, you are taken so we’ll call rain check.

Shortly thereafter, I earned 10K.

I deserve a boning.

It’s happening, batman my love, prepare yourself.

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@asmonet: HOLD ON NOW THERE, WIFEY! If there is boning involved, I BETTER BE THERE.

augustlan's avatar

<< Wants in on that.

fireside's avatar

Well…if you ladies insist…I’d be glad to help out.

Not sure I can please all four of you at once, but if you can keep each other entertained while I’m hard at work it should be a lot of fun.

El_Cadejo's avatar

@fireside You stay the hell away from my women! :P

Allie's avatar

@uberbatman You might need his help. ;)

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I’ve heard that jackson can’t even please a single woman. How’s he supposed to handle 4+?

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I believe there is a fluther orgy in the works! I reiterate something I said in another thread: there definitely is/are enough Tits to go around :)

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@Eambos i’m his fluffer. they go in pleasured, and he just does the paperwork.

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What’s the old song? Nice work if you can get it?

Allie's avatar

Holy cow.. fluffer. Are we sure that’s a job for Bucky?

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I have lurved you all for amusing me in my drugged out mutilated state, oh yeah, uber, you want some of this?

Not me but I lol at it.

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brown chicken brown cow

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@asmonet should be up for anything in her drugged state. Was happy juice a go?

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Sorta, they put the thing in my nose and they were like deep breaths, but the didn’t warn me so I was babbling incoherently about how Peter Frampton was on their stereo system and how awesome it was and the doc was all, yes, we have AWESOME music here and then I finally took one deep breath and I was fucking gone.

It was happy gas.

Something new for this German.

Shit, I mean, snap?

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@Eambos your mom seemed to think i did a good job….. :P

@asmonet lol4rl

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Vicodin + Asmo = Nazi Jokes.



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I fluff female performers ONLY.

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@uberbatman sorry dude.

just wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world.

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@eponymoushipster: You can do fluff me, I’ll fluff uber, and everyone will be happy!

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But über has to fluff epony, otherwise the triangle is not complete.

eponymoushipster's avatar

@Eambos silence your mouth.

asmonet's avatar

Let the man speak.

If you feel like you need to take baby steps towards fully fluffing uber, perhaps you could practice on his wonky rib?

eponymoushipster's avatar

i will NOT fluff a man.

i nominate @asmonet to be my opposite number for the menfolk.

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@eponymoushipster: But I fluff for her too!

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Settle down all you fluffheads.

asmonet's avatar

Oh my, let’s just call it what it is already, shall we?

Impending Orgy.

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nice title on that avatar there missy :P

asmonet's avatar

I was wondering when you’d notice the awesomeness. :D

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I missed this back in February—sorry! Congratulations to the überest of batmen.

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Sweeet! Nicely done my friend!

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