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Is it normal that my one finger gets really cold?

Asked by megs (147points) February 27th, 2009

I slammed my finger in my car door on monday and ever since, my finger gets really cold then starts to hurt really bad, anyone know? or should i go to the doctors to get an insision thing done on my finger. Also i have feeling like on my nail because that’s where it is all bruised and cut but on the bottom of my finger i have no feeling is that normal?

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If you have injured your finger and are getting strange sensations in particular a loss of sensation then I’d get it checked out by the doc. It’s probably nothing but its always better to be safe than sorry.

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Also I forgot to say, when i hit my finger gently off something it hurts but it feels more like i’m getting a huge shock rather then a lot of pain.

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I would see a doctor, it sounds like some sort of nerve damage maybe.

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Stranger yet, I feel like I’m getting an electric shock to my tushy when I imagine the door slamming on your finger.

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Yep.. see a doctor. I hope you feel beter soon! The sensations you are (not) feeling may be just from swelling and the pressure it is putting on the nerve., but it’s a good idea to be sure you don’t have a fracture, just in case.

I’ve seen doctors heat a (sterile) paper clip and put it through the nail to let the blood out and relieve some pressure and pain.

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@Harp Isn’t a tushy a naughty place?

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@richardhenry Kind of odd isn’t it that this is where I’m feeling someone else’s pain? It would be awfully hard to work that into a poem.

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Cold = blood vessel damage
Numb = nerve damage

It will heal over time, see the doctor and it will heal a lot faster.

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It may be Raynaud’s Syndrome…check it out on WebMD. It happens to me all the time and it’s terribly annoying. I have to wear gloves when I handle our frozen food purchases or my fingers go numb.
Keep your hands (or feet) warm.
Wear gloves.
Flex your fingers to keep the blood flow going, that will sometimes speed up the “reheating”.
If it lasts longer than you are comfortable with you may need medication to improve blood flow.

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@ scamp, OWWW!?

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i figured out my cut is infected:(:( the infection seems to be going away but i still have all other problems with it.

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I am a medical assistant and give injections all day long and hurt my index finger pushing down on the plunger a few weeks ago and my finger has been cold and sore at the tip as well even my thumb at the joints are so sore I have to take ibuprofen all day long to ease the pain, but using the same fingers over and over all day long is making the healing process slow going. its driving me nuts, but the doctor i work for says it should heal with time. just strange having one cold fingertip, and yes I’m getting called E.T for it. Ugh.

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