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Does every color and pattern go with denim jeans?

Asked by tinyfaery (42590points) February 27th, 2009

Today I am wearing a dark blue shirt with thin white stripes and dark blue jeans. When I left the house this morning I thought it looked ok, now I’m not sure that the 2 colors of blue look that great together. So, can I really wear anything with jeans? I always thought so, but now I am not so sure.

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I often think dark blue is like black. If the two pieces you have aren’t exactly the same shade, something looks funny. But, the shirt you have is striped, so that may work, it breaks up the blue a little bit.

I’m sure you don’t look abominable. ;-)

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In my opinion, one thing that does not look good with denim is more denim. Just sayin’.

I’m sure you looked fantabulous, though.

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With the exception of what Allie said, everything does go with jeans, because denim is a neutral fabric.

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I think so.

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Regardless of the material, you don’t want to exactly match color head to toe. The stripes definately help break it up, but youre still wearing dark blue head to toe. Try adding a white cami underneath, and a belt (two skinny belts look super cute) to break the line of color.
Honestly I don’t think you made a big mistake, like the Canadian tuxedo look @Allie mentioned.

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I have a navy & white striped shirt that I wear with jeans all the time. The stripes are the same size, so it kind of breaks it up more, but your’s doesn’t sound bad either.

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I did put a white cami under it. Yay!

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@tinyfaery see! You know what you’re doing! The important question though- shoes?

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I am of the belief that the only thing that doesn’t go with blue jeans is denim. A denim jacket of any color should never be worn with a pair of jeans – that is just too much.

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Wear any thing with jeans with the exception of dressy high heals.

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@basp – Why can’t one wear dressy high heels with denim? I’ve seen it done often and done well, especially by the young and nubile.

Of course, if you are a guy that’s another situation altogether.

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@basp, I really like the look of CFM’s with jeans – not that I am young or nubile enough to get away with it…. @Darwin you do make an excellent point about guys.

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Jeans are something you can use to either dress your outfit up or down. When I sell them at my store, I hold up both to see what goes better. I think you can wear anything with jeans, it just has to be the right pair of jeans. Navy blue is a color you can wear both light or dark jeans. I’m sure with the white stripes to break it up a little your outfit looks just fine :)

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@SuperMouse – It is so hard to get decent dressy heels in Men’s size 13, you know? They tend to be so trashy looking.

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@SuperMouse – oooohhh, you nailed it! Never wear a denim jacket with jeans. Nightmares for the 80’s…including that awful acid wash. ACK!

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@cak are you talking about a little something like this? Looking back it is probably a good thing that I couldn’t afford to dress like that.

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@basp I always wear heels with dressy jeans.
I wear ballet flats or a thin sneaker (like chucks) with casual jeans.
Gym shoes are solely for exercise.

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@SuperMouse I looked at that, now it might give me nightmares.

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@SuperMouse – oh yeah. That look. Very bad.

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I know a lot of people wear dressy heels with jeans .. And I guess this is just my opinion, but it doesn’t look good to me. Then again, I am hardly a trend setter when it comes to fashion. I generally wear what is most comfortable to me. I have yet to see a woman look comfortable in heels. Throws the gait off and is unatural. Again…. Just my opinion. Don’t want all you heel wearers to hate me! You have every right to wear whatever you want!

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I wear both light and dark jeans, and own many blue shirts. I usually try to wear my darker blue shirts w/ the lighter jeans and my lighter blue shirts w/ the darker jeans. In your case, I think the stripes and cami make it work. So, what shoes did you wear?

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Black high heeled boots.

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pretty much. The only rule I can think of is if your shirt is a light colour like yellow or pastel pink you might want to wear a lighter wash. If your shirt is like black or navy blue or something it might look a little funny with a light wash jean. I know there can be exceptions, just saying this because I know somebody is going to start arguing that im wrong

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