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Do you always read the "details" section of a question before answering?

Asked by laureth (27140points) February 27th, 2009

Sometimes the question seems complete and I go to answer it, only then learning that it meant something totally different by reading the detail section. If you do read the details, please mention your favorite ice cream flavor in your answer. Or, do you just go ahead and answer without reading the details?

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I always do, just in case there’s more in the details that might clarify something or give me more information. Don’t think I have a favorite.

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I almost always read the details, it helps me answer the question more completely.

Someone went to the trouble of writing a description, why not read it? They’re never that long – occasionally they can be and depending on the category of question if the details are lengthy I might just opt to not answer the question.

Such is the nature of the internet.

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Yes, Strawberry Cheesecake.

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The questions are sometimes misleading and the details clear up any confusion. You can find yourself in a pickle if you go to answer without at least scanning the details. I’m gonna have to go with just plain strawberry.

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i usually do read the details, but if i’m in a rush i just skim over them if i read them at all. sometimes i think the question is better without the details haha. but yeah, i’ve done the same thing, interpreting a question completely differently and then reading the details and being like ”...oooh.”

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Yes, because I learned the hard way! Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream…yummy! I only answered part of the question and felt like a dork – the most important part was in the details. Duh.

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I know that I should, but sometimes the question is just too much of a perfect setup and is way too tempting for me to get bogged down by the details.

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Neopolitan. he really fucked up France

lmao @Jamspoon

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I try to read the details on almost every occasion. There have been a few times where I read the question only and I was off to the races formulating my answer. One of many things I really like about Fluther is the ability to edit your response, for a time, after you answer so you can go back and include the specifics that you didn’t include originally because you didn’t read question details.

Let’s see here: French Vanilla, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Pistachio.

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I didn’t in the past and made a complete fool of myself when I answered. Now I read the details, and therefore have no excuse for acting like a fool!!

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If the details are essay length then probably not.

or possibly shorter than essay length, cough, coffee

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I am a details person through and through. Black Raspberry Ripple (very hard to find these days!)

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…For f—Um… Uh.. I’m lactose intolerant.

That should fool them.

I swear I read the details!

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Mint chocolate chip.

And I read the details and the tags. And usually I will look at the profile of the person asking if I don’t recognize them.

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Yes, I always read the details. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, but it HAS to be Blue Bell made in Brenham, Texas. That other stuff out there is a pale imitation to that!

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Yes, mint chocolate chip, I do.

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Yep, and vanilla!

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Yes, always. I thought you might have been referring to the tags, which like @johnpowell, I also read in hopes there’s hidden hilarity.

For many years chocolate chip cookie dough, but lately I’ve been on a Phish Food kick.

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Wow! I almost answered this one without reading the details. Then I thought “Hey… it might be a trick question.” But it wasn’t.

When I first started, I tended to answer without reading the details. Then I got burned, and I make an effort to read the details, but sometimes the question seems so self-contained, like this one, that I forget and go straight to answer it.


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I always read the details, and to be honest I really like vanilla.

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I read the details if I am going to answer….however if the details are too long (and doesn’t quickly catch my interest) or there is a link that requires a ton of reading, I won’t bother to answer.

butter pecan

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@grisson on that note…why does there appear to be something missing from your answer? Unless Vigilance has more of a meaning than just vigilance? ;).

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I usually do, but sometimes I too get a little overexcited about answering and jump ahead of myself.

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If I don’t read the details, usually the answers begin to give the gist of what was in them, and so that’s another way to know what is in the details. As, for example, this question. And, most recently, coffee.

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Yeah, lots of times I end up answering and then looking back up and realizing what happened. Then i have to tray and edit the post quick before it makes me write a new post.

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Panda Paws because it has ripples of fudge and peanut butter too!

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Yes….. Strawberry cheesecake…..... you’re slick :)

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Crap… rocky road.

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I always read the details; I’m looking for context before I look for an answer.

Chocolate chip cookie dough.

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Yes. Peanut butter and dark chocolate. Mmmmmmm. Sometimes I answer out of order though if I think the details are more the gist of the question than the first stated question.

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Yes, and I’m a fan of mostly Ben and Jerry’s mixes, and the occasional king cone :)

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Usually. Dark chocolate chocolate chip.

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<——- trained by MetaFilter

I read the full question and the details inside. Butter Pecan.

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Yes, always. When there are no details I am disappointed. The details are the story, the part that makes the questions interesting. The chance to glimpse into other people’s lives. Anything chocolate, the darker the better.

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Yes, I do. The details are as essential to the question-reading experience as chocolate fudge is to the Baskin-Robbins experience.

Clever girl, Laureth. GQ.

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Yes. I get so bummed when I prepare a great answer in my head and after I click on the question find out that it wasn’t the real question.

I’m a Mint Chocolate Chip kind of a gal.

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I always read the details. I put a lot of thought into what I write in my questions and I want to give the same respect to other fluthers.

I took a test in jr hight where the instructions said to read through the whole test before answering any questions and the last sentence after the last question said turn the paper over and sit quietly. only 3 of us did it.

Laureth, you continue to kick butt!

chunky monkey.

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I always do, before answering anything!!!!!!!!!!

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Mostly. Mint chocolate chip.

Very good question.

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As long as the details are not an epic poem, I read all of them (and if the epic is good enough, I’ll read it even then). Cherry Garcia!

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For the most part I read through the details and tags. Favorite ice cream has been asked so much that I think I’ll share with you my least favorite – vanilla.

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@adreamofautumn You’ve never tried it?

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yes, if I dont sometimes my answer will not be what the question is asking.

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Or only half of it.

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@desiree333 You seem to have missed at least one of the details. ;-)

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(And she’s not the only one.)

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oh haha, wow thats smart. Well its chocolate! :)

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Always read the FULL details.

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@OWL_LOVER Maybe not this time… look again! Welcome to Fluther, by the way. :)

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