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Any idea what video game this is?

Asked by dalepetrie (18014points) February 27th, 2009

My 7 year old has really started to take a shine to videogames, and we have a PS2 that he’s been enjoying quite a bit. My wife and I were out of town and my son was at a birthday party for a friend, and the next time I talked to him, he was all excited telling me about this videogame he played on their PS2, and at first I was a little bit concerned because it SOUNDED like he was describing GTA, but I couldn’t imagine the people whose house he was at letting a kid that age play a game like that. This is a good friend of my wife’s and she doesn’t want to sound “accusatory”, so she doesn’t want to ask her what the game was, silly as that may sound. Anyway, here’s how he described it to me, see if you can tell me what it is (and keep in mind that he’s 7 so some of the details might be jumbled).

He said you played as a very famous police officer who wore black, had black hair and black sunglasses. You drive around and you can shoot people, and if they are good people, you shoot them once and they fall down and disappear, but if they are bad you have to shoot them a couple times, then you can go up to their bodies and take their items by pressing O. You can also steal other drivers’ cars by pressing either the R1 or L1 button, and I guess you can shoot them after you carjack them. He also said you can wreck the cars and take other people’s cars, and if you shoot the license plate of a car in front of you while you’re driving, the other car blows up. I was also told that there wasn’t any blood like GTA.

Curious what this is, any ideas? It would be a PS2 game

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Grand Theft Auto (GTA)?

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I haven’t ever played GTA, but I don’t think you play as a police officer since you are running from the police.

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True Crimes Streets of LA?

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yeah sounds like True Crimes, it was kind of a knock off of GTA

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I think True Crimes as well.

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Definitely not GTA. I think it’s True Crimes too?

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Definitely True Crimes – just as violent really.

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Thanks everyone, I’ll have to see if our friend is even aware what her kids are playing!

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It sounds like Driv3r. I at first thought of True Crimes but you dont take peoples items and blow up cars shooting the license plate.

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Where would a couple of seven year olds even GET a game like that?? (The dad maybe?)

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Well, I’m thinking either their older cousin brought it over, or one of dad’s friends left it there and their older cousin found it, and these parents don’t pay a ton of attention to the inappropriateness of media as it is. Their daughters are 8 and 10, and they watch pretty much whatever movies their parents watch. So nothing would surprise me. Now I think there’s a lot to be said for the personality of the kid, these kids are very good kids (at least now…who knows what happens when they hit their teen years, but right now they couldn’t be sweeter). My kid however we tend to shield him from a lot more than I ever thought I would as a parent (in theory), because he’s very impressionable and repeats EVERYTHING he hears. Point is, if my kid’s personality was more like their kids’ personalities, I’d restrict his media consumption a lot less, but I’m a bit concerned about my child’s enthusiasm for shooting things and blowing them up and repeating bad language. Anyway, it’s been a week and he’s STILL talking about what a great game this was, so I figure, if I can’t stop him from being exposed to things I wouldn’t allow him to be exposed to, at LEAST I should do my best to figure out WHAT he’s being exposed to. I showed him a pic of True Crime and he said that was probably it, but wasn’t sure, so I’ll look into both that and Driv3r and see if I can come up with a game plan as to how I discuss this with him to put it in the proper perspective. I know he knows the difference between real life and games…his favorite game is Simpson’s Road Rage and you’re constantly crashing into other cars and running people over, but it’s cartoonish, I guess it’s the level of realism that concerns me more than anything. Ultimately, not THAT big a deal

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Definitely sounds like True Crimes.

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It’s True Crime, That had the mechanic where cars blew up when you shot the license plate/

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I said True Crime like 8 answers ago!

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Thanks again to all!

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