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How to unlock a Motorola L7 cell phone without having to pay for it?

Asked by 2late2be (2292points) February 27th, 2009
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What’s an L7?

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the model of the cell phone…

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I know that from your q. It’s just that I’m not familiar with it. Is it a new model that is similar to an iPhone?

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nope, not at all, like the razor but not flip

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Yes, I know that one. I didn’t know you had to unlock them. I had a krazr and a razr.

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Isn`t the lock code the last 4 digits of your cell number?

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Hi LouisianaGirl, I’m talking about unlocking it so I can use it with any network ;)

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you will probably have to down load software on your computer to do it… not sure. What carrier is the phone through? Cingular/AT&T?

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so it’s a SLVR

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the only wa you’ll unlock the phone for free is to get a code from your carrier. if they won’t provide you one, you’ll have to purchase one online. you can unlock GSM motorola phones for only $11.99:

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You have to pay for unlocking service.Most of the free service are not work properly.It may or may not work.So better you purchase the code from .This is the unlocking site .Here i found the valid codes.Through this you can unlock your mobile easily.

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nice suggestion rocker

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