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Which doctor/hospital show on TV is most like real life?

Asked by brownlemur (4081points) October 18th, 2007

Between Scrubs, ER, House, the one with the funny Mc-Something last names, and others, which one gets it right, or at least close? I hear Scrubs does a pretty good job. Any doctors/nurses out there have an opinion? And not just in terms of diagnoses and the like, but relationships among surgeons and internists and nurses (and janitors if we’re talking about Scrubs), and such and such.

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My ex-girlfriends dad was an emergency room doctor and he always made fun of all the hospital shows on tv cause he said they were so unrealistic

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he especially made fun of ER btw

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Yeah, although I also hear that ER is (or used to be) realistic… it’s just extremely condensed. So all the crazy things that might happen in a week or month happen in one day.

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I dated an ER doctor. He said that the major realism problem with all the shows is that for the purpose of plot, they have the main character doctors working outside their specialties. Like On Grey’s Anatomy, sometimes the surgeons are doing ER work, and sometimes Internal Medicine work, rather than pure surgeon work. Also their ages—the attending physicians all way too young to be as experienced and prestigious as they are.

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I love Grey’s Anatomy, but I have to make sure my dad is nowhere in sight before I can watch it because he is a doctor who spent his internship in a hospital somwhere in Vermont and every time he walks in and watches more than 30 seconds of the actual medicinal parts, he goes on and on about how unrealistic it is and how they’re wrong about this and wouldn’t treat that with that kind of surgery, etc.

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We lawyers have the same problem with law-related TV shows.

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