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In what way do you feel you are superior??

Asked by Blondesjon (33974points) February 27th, 2009

Don’t be the jelly who comes on here and answers, quite smugly, I don’t feel superior to anyone. We are all blah blah blah…

Be the jelly that stands up and announces it to the world loud and proud. I am superior because…

we’ve all done it on here and in real life. myself included, alot

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I am vastly more modest than you can ever hope to be.

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I believe I can drink any jelly under the table.

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And still spell believe correctly (i before e except after c).

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No one can ever be as klutzy as me!

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@cak…There is no room for self-depreciation on this thread my dear. Tell it like it is! I know you have something you do that you know you do a lot better than anyone else. What is it?

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I’m a pretty awesome Scrabble player.

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I am superior because… I’d rather watch football with my husband than cry and complain that my husband was watching football.

Too bad he likes the Packers. I believe the Broncos are superior.

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I am superior because I am well endowed.

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I am superior because I defy stereotypes.

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Way? That’s cute.

All right, if it can only be one…I sing much better than you.

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I am the best person in my house

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Yeah, I live alone. So what?

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@Bluefreedom…You mean well endowed like the NEA or are you saying you have a monsterous rooster?

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@Blondesjon. I have a really ample trouser snake.

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@Bluefreedom…Glandtastic! I am better than everyone else at having the second largest penis in the room.

by a hair

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@Blondesjon. We’re just special like that. :o)

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Quit looking at each other already.

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@srtlhill…That’s kinda hard to do.

have you ever seen cocks like these?

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I don’t need to you’ll tell me all about it.

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Are you guys about to sword fight?

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@elijahsuicide. Yeah, we’re about to do some fencing with the old pork swords.

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Woohoo! Fight!

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been feeling inferior lately

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@kevinhardy…Hardly! Not with cocks like these. Kneel down and bask in their penile glory you unworthy swine. Cower in the shadow of our behemouth genitalia.

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@blondesjon – it’s an art form, the way I am a klutz Anyway, ok, no one can win at Trivial Pursuit like me. I have a wealth of useless knowledge in my head! I am the Queen!

sorry to interrupt the above conversation…pretty damn hysterical!

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@cak…See…I knew there was something. :)

would you believe that i am the trivial pursuit king?

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@Blondesjon – Really!! This is so exciting! and refreshing, to deflect my husband’s inferior Trivial Pursuit abilities, I was deemed the family geek.

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I kill at Wheel of Fortune.
But I’m only so-so at Jeopardy.

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At looking at problems and situations from multiple perspectives, simultaneously.

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I’ve always been very good at getting may more than I deserve in life.
Does that count?

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I am amazing at cleaning my house.

except, I don’t actually have the time to do it anymore
and, of course, my wife has the time, but hates it
where’s the justice in that, I ask ya?

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I like the superior position. Does that count?

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it depends on who i’m around. i can feel completely superior and brilliant one second, and then a complete moron when someone else walks in.

i do feel like i’m pretty good at empathizing (for the most part), but maybe it’s just compared to the people i associate with. even most of my friends seem to be really quick to judge people, and though i may do the same at first, i usually think “well what if…”, and try to identify with them, even when i completely dislike/disagree with them.
but i don’t know if that counts hahaa.

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