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What is your favorite ringtone?

Asked by cheek4life (64points) February 27th, 2009
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idk I have a lot

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I think I could say at your best by aaliyah or Diva by beyonce

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i have a lot too!

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the crazy laughing chipmunk who goes nutz and starts screaming

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wow that sound cool

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I have one simply called “jazzy” that I like. It’s a light jazz tune that gets my attention without making everyone within 20 yards turn and glare at me.

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lala what’s your favorite ringtone

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my fave is dead and gone den kiss me through the phone and so on so forth

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o dead and gone is my fav t.i. ring tone

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lol yep i guess o i been traveling on this road to long just tryin find my way back home the old me is dead and gone dead and gone

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The Bad Horse ringtone from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog would be the best ringtone ever but my phone doesn’t let you set sounds as ringtones so I can’t use it.

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My phone is on vibrate most the time. I usually just use the Old Phone ringer that comes standard with my iphone. At Christmas time my ringtone is You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.

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This time of year it’s the Irish Jig.

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I’ve got custom rings for the people I call most often, but my general (and favourite) ringtone is the 1974 version of the Doctor Who theme. My other favourite is something I found on YouTube and captured, the theme music to an old 60s Hanna-Barbera cartoon I’d never heard of called The Impossibles. The Paul Frees countdown on it is FTFW.

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For my husband, Man in Black by Johnny Cash. Other than that, I prefer a regular ring to a song. I tend to miss the fact that I’m getting a call if it’s a current popular song.

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I like the Nokia’s natural ringtone the best, because it’s a timeless classic of ringtones.

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‘The Winner’ – Soundtrack from Final Fantasy VIII by N. Uematsu.

Love the way all geeks turn their heads an wonder what’s happening everytime it rings!

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I use a piece of the Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye”. i figure it makes sense. When you call me, I hear “Hello Hello…”

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I’d have to look up the name, but it’s a calypso tune. It’s just a happy, danceable tune. I have a Motorola phone & the facatory set one was soooo irritating.

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I don’t own a cell phone, but if I did I would use Banana Phone by Raffi to annoy the shit out of people.

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lol yall have some great responses and for that ill give yall some points dont mind if yall return the favor

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Here’s a lurve sandwich with your name on it!

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@Vinifera7 – Thanks for letting me know who to shoot (and thanks for sticking that song back in my head again! Not!)

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I’m guessing from your picture you know what tune I’m talking about?

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Actually I don’t. I’ve not played VIII.

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hello moto. no it would probably be the baby laugh because it sounds like my little cousin when he laughs.

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@Vinifera7 !!!
Storywise maybe the best one…
But it’s the same tune as in the others, the one that plays at the one of each standard battle.

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narwhals is the one i have at the moment i am lookin for annoying text tone tho if anyone knows of any

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The ringtone from the Comcast Dream Big commercial ( is coming soon and I can’t wait.

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I chose Nature Sounds for mine but when my daughter’s phone goes off and
plays rap I love it. I think it’s funny. I also like her Theme from The Lone Ranger ringtone.

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