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Anyone down for some chips?

Asked by adri027 (1415points) February 27th, 2009

whats your favorite?

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Plain ‘ol Pringles.

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I like the chile limon lays,limon lays. I also like the baked chips from Trader Joes and panera, and chips from mexico they just tase so much better.

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Lately it has been Lay’s bbq chips.. but it varies.

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Thick cut ruffles or guacamole pringles

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Sour Cream & Onion

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I like SunChips.

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Can’t really decide, all I know for sure is I hate all sour cream flavored ones

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Pretty much all of them. Except crab flavor… ew.

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Kettle Chips sea salt & vinegar
Cape Cod robust russet
Sun Chips original these are awesome for homemade nachos

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Grippo’s BBQ

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Herr’s Old Bay Chips or Utz’s Crab Chips
@augustlan: They’re soooo good – have you tried them?

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any chips are awesome in my opinion.
chips are just such a wonderful food. they’re always vegetarian and typically vegan. they can be extremely greasy and unhealthy, or nutritious and natural. and they really give you a satisfied feeling because of how full of taste they are. chips are a food many take for granted, thank you for appreciating their splendor :)

and i’d have to say my favorite would probably either be lays original or the kettle-cooked sea salt and vinegar.

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Earthquake chips. They are made by California Chips and are the greatest.
My second favorite chips are Tim’s Wasabi chips.

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I’m a big fan of cow chips myself. Mmm mmm.
Plus they’re good as fuel.

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The Blue Hundred Dollar one’s from Caesar’s Palace….

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My favs, pringles & doritos. Plain kind.

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Better Made Salt & Vinegar. Mmmm…

Dorito’s Sweet and Spicy Chili is pretty good too.

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@bythebay I hate Old Bay seasoning… on anything. I am a bad, bad Maryland girl, I know. <Hangs head in shame.>

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<——falls on the floor clutching her heart…

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@augustlan- I suppose you hate crab as well, then.

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@AstroChuck It depends. I don’t like to eat whole crabs (too much work & too messy), but don’t mind the meat (as long as it’s not seasoned with Old Bay). I love king crab legs though!

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Back in the dark ages, when I still ate animals, I’d enjoy the crab on Fisherman’s Wharf in SF. Perhaps I’m trying to start a turf war, but the San Francisco stuff was much better (especially when eaten with sourdough) than the Maryland stuff.
Although, the blue crab from MD was pretty good, I must admit.

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It must truly just be a matter of personal preference, When I moved to California, one of the first things my friends did was take me to the SF Wharf for crab…yuck! All I wanted was some messy hands, some Old Bay and some vinegar. No turf war here AC; blue crabs are clearly superior! ;p

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Ah, but the best thing of all about going to Fisherman’s Wharf in the 1960s was the 99 cent abalone sandwiches (on sourdough, of course).

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Ok, we’re in total agreement on the abalone. So good!

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