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What's your favorite clothing to wear, and what color is it?

Asked by EFWZLVL9 (28points) February 28th, 2009

I’m interested in what people think of their clothes.

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yellow banana hammock

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I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to clothes. Favorite is a 3/4 length sleeved, tie-dyed shirt in blue, purple. magenta and green.

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I used to wear only white t-shirts for like 3 years just because i hate going shopping and it was easy.

Now i wear mostly band t-shirts or ones based off video games. But of course my favorite shirt is “Watch 2girls1cup”

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A pair of old Levi’s and a white (ironed) linin shirt and a pair of Birks

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@Triiiple awesome.

@yorto you too?

my favorite item of clothing is my blue Camera Obscura band tshirt, which i got at their show in Chicago in Feb 07. I had to stand in -18f weather for an hour to get into that show, and i got to be front row for it. and it’s an awesome tshirt.

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Lee jeans. Around the house with a t-shirt, going out with a nicer top. Thankfully, I can wear jeans to work, too.

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Levis 501s, blue. Everything else is secondary.

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Blue jeans. They are blue.

With those, a t-shirt. Color is unimportant but message is.

On my feet, Birkinstocks. Currently brown but purple or patterned when I can find it.

Underwear that isn’t too tight.

And that’s basically my uniform.

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My “sexy” clothes, sweats and a guys shirt. I don’t like wearing real clothes around the house.

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Vintage Italian knit wool short-sleeved shirtdress from ca. 1965.

It’s got a big paisley design in red, blue, olive and gold on ivory. The paisley is outlined thinly in black.

I only wear it in winter, obvs, and usually with a v-neck sweater in one of the dress’s colours, with black tights and cool black shoes or boots, as a solid “line” from knee to foot makes me look taller.

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Forgot to mention a big part of the attire – Nikes. Only wear Nikes.

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I have a pair of delias skinny jeans that are really comfy. I have a shirt with a pencil saying “I wanna be number one!”.

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Mostly all my clothes is black, white, or gray. On most days I wear a shirt either one of those colors and some skinny jeans. I love them from pacsun

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A pair of well-worn jean, my favorite boots and a t-shirt. Generally, the shirt is a solid color – white or black. sometimes I go with a girly color!

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Oh yeah – Chucks. black. a must.

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i tend to wear my favourite clothing so often that it probably looks like i only have 5 things in my closet.

-a red flannel my aunt gave me (i thought it was really funny/weird when flannels seemed to pop back ‘into style’ all of a sudden, i’ve been in love with them for a few years)
-leopard print boots! haha
-tights and shorts. usually the tights are black, but sometimes they’re patterned, sometimes they’re some random colour. i hate wearing pants, so that’s my favourite alternative.
-this chunky purple sweater i got on etsy. it has two teal stripes down the middle and i love it.
-a green street dogs shirt. i used to be somewhat of a band shirt junkie, and this is one that i actually wear alllll the time. most of them unfortunately sit at the bottom of my drawer because i’m too busy wearing that ^ stuff haha

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I have a pair of black jeans that fit me like a glove. I wear them to church all the time. A lot of people wear blue jeans there, but I just can’t make myself be that casual, so these black ones are perfect for that.

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Navy pinstripe Paul Smith suit jacket. All Saints T-shirt. Dark wash jeans. Brogues.

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Track pants:) I love track pants.
dresses favorite dress is black with real diamonds on it low v, and ties around the neck.
fitted T-shirts and tank tops.

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My favorite item is a “Lacy pair of Ladies Nylon Panties(Briefs), in a white or blush.

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