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Have you eaten pop tarts more toasted or untoasted?

Asked by Triiiple (1356points) February 28th, 2009


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I’ve popped a toasted tart.

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I was always to lazy to microwave them so I ate them raw, assuming thats how they’d taste. And then one day, I microwave them for 20 secs on 650W and wala! I only eat them microwaved since then…

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btw, it was chocolate chip cookie dough

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Never had them. They scare me; right along with preserved baked things with 1000 year shelf lives like hostess cupcakes & twinkies. What’s the attraction – are they better hot or cold?

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Frosted Blueberry.


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@bythebay YES!YES! HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!! They are SOOOOOO delicious!!

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TOASTED IMHO. But everyone else in my office eats them cold.

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lol odd one out eh?

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I could go for one now.

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moms gonna kill me if I grab one…I’ve been stuffing yself with it…

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Cherry, Toasted, never ever cold.

They just taste weird to me if I haven’t toasted them.

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I have had one pop tart in my enitre life, it was toasted and I didn’t like it. It was such nasty, dough-y dough. :P

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Probably even. I like to dunk them in milk like a cookie. I love the brown sugar ones.

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Lol… I have poptart OCD… Has to be cherry with the frosting and sprinkles, toasted, and toasted just right where the corners get perfectly brown. Then I have to eat it steaming hot (another food thing, my food has to be piping hot or super cold, whichever it’s supposed to be :) ). Unfortunately after my gastric bypass surgery I’m really limited on sugar intake, so poptarts aren’t around very often anymore!

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Mostly toasted. Especially if it’s the brown sugar kind. I prefer Toaster Strudels much more than Pop Tarts, though.

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i’ve eaten most of them untoasted.
but then i glanced at the nutrition facts and hid them in the back of a cabinet for like 2 years. oh my god.

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I would have to say that i dont eat them much, but when i do i toast them because they just dont taste right to me cold ya digg!!!!!!

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@DrasticDreamer I love those! My favorite are the strawberry and cream cheese ones.

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