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Girls do you actually LIKE to wear thong underwear?

Asked by THATguy (54points) February 28th, 2009

Obviously us guys love to see you in them, but I can’t help but think that it would be might uncomfortable to have to walk around all day with a strap/string of fabric wedged in your butt crack. So do you actually like to wear them or do you just wear them because you feel you HAVE to?

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No really – it’s great, that feeling of the perpetual wedgie. And just for the record, no woman HAS to wear a thong nor do I understand why she would feel like she HAS to.

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I wear them because panty lines are tacky. They aren’t uncomfortable as long as you don’t pull them up tight. If its up in your crack all tight youre doing it wrong. I like them low around my hips.
If I’m just hanging around home (cleaning or just watching tv) I wear the boy short style undies.

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Girls in boy shorts are pretty hot, but ill take a look at a thong too. I think us guys love the thong look, especially when you can see those straps hanging on the hips mmmm.

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I wear thongs all the time. I don’t find them uncomfortable at all. They don’t feel like a wedgie at all.

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I think this is like the age old walker, biker, driver issue. When I am a pedestrian, walking to my destination, bikers and cars annoy me as I think I have right of way. When I am on my bike, cars and pedestrians annoy me for the same reason. And when I am a driver…
A thong becomes my friend when I wear one enough and then I cant imagine wearing more material. When I wear more material on a regular basis, I can imagine why I would ever want a piece of material in between my soft cheeks.
The ole chicken or the Thong conundrum

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@bigbanana I think that logic applies to everything in life.

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i do too! now go and get your ring redesigned and wear it, Woman!

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It’s really not uncomfortable if you’re wearing them correctly. Like elijahsuicide, I hate panty lines. I also tend to get more of a wedgie if I don’t wear thongs because one side of the underwear will inevitably move to the side or bunch up somehow. I don’t know how or why, it’s just one of those unexplainable things in life. So… Thongs to the rescue.

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most of the jeans/shorts/etc that i wear wouldn’t show a pantyline anyway, so i hardly ever feel the need to wear a thong. i don’t think they’re that comfortable anyway. if what i’m wearing does show a pantyline, then i’ll wear a thong instead, but for the most part i’d rather just wear boyshorts or something.

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Yes, boyshorts. I do like those. I own nothing but thongs and boyshorts.

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It is much less annoying to have one thin(ish) piece of material up your crack than to have two entire cheeks’ worth of material up your crack. Believe me.

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I don’t know what kind of panties you ladies are wearing, but I’ve got no panty lines and no double wedgies…

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@bythebay Mine is more a problem of having some junk in the trunk… My butt just goes on a picnic when I wear normal panties.

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@essieness: I understand!!

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They’re right…. they feel fine if they are worn correctly. Actually, its so comfortable its like you aren’t wearing anything at all. I like those and the cheekies. (in between a thong and boyshort)

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I’m a huge fan of thongs and g-strings alike. I find them entirely comfortable, and I feel sexy in them. When you feel sexy, you feel confident, and that is apparent to those around you, who are more likely to find you sexy. It all works out quite well for me :)

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I rarely wear thongs. If I wore pants that showed my panty lines, I’d probably wear thongs. But, I stick to boyshorts because they’re cute and comfortable.

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I wear thongs almost everyday. I wear them with my any pant and short style. The only time i wear regular underwear is when i’m wearing a skirt.

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80% of my underwear are thongs. 10% boyshorts. 10% other ;-)
I cant’ stand pantylines! And they’re so comfortable.
And what’s more classy than seeing a woman yank out a huge granny panty wedgie?

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