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Do you think you do/behave differently if there is an audience?

Asked by bigbanana (494points) February 28th, 2009

I am starting this blog and I feel like I am not sure I want to tell anyone I know about it so I can write without care of judgement. Then I asked myself then why, for petes sake, would I write it in a open forum on the WORLD WIDE web??
So do I secretly want it to be read by those that know me or do I just need to know that I have been/my thoughts witnessed by strangers who have no context of my actual life.
IS this a “if a tree falls in the woods?” question.

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So is this question for you or us (Fluther)?

If it’s for you then I would say that you, like many others, find it easy to share your true feelings through the anonymity of the internet. It’s an easy way to vent your thoughts without worrying about being judged, or even without caring what the judgment is.

If the question is for us/me/Fluther then…
Yes, I do. I’m much more comfortable with an audience. The bigger the better.

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I think that’s a pretty natural feeling, because you want to be successful, and knowing that people you know are going to read it, and hold you accountable for it, is intimidating.

I spend a lot of time looking at different blogs, and I see a pattern to the ones that really take off, and those that don’t. The key to success ties to focus, planning and articulation of focus. Before you start writing, you need to plan out and know exactly what you want to get out of the writing experience, and what you want the reader to get out of reading your blog. What is your “expertise?” And then stay focused on that. Some blogs are a continual information process, others seem to have a fixed end. Once you have that clearly articulated, then it’s easier to stay on task.

You will also need to plan how you’re going to create following; it’s not just happenstance in most cases.

A good blog to dissect to figure out what makes it successful is Many bloggers will write articles about the blogging experience that are insightful.

It is sort of a baring your soul. If you are truthful, and articulate your thoughts well, then you should have nothing to be afraid about.

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Everyone does.

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no not really I am just always ME!!!

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I would love to have an online blog..If i had a clue where to start I would…so go for it… You might get soem massive insights from strangers… or if you are not providing comments options then…I think it will be very liberating

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yes, though I don’t think I am pretentious if that’s what you mean.

If I write something down in my diary, I assume it will be read by myself and someone who’ll read it either without my permission or after my death.

If I write something on the web, it could be read by anyone, but I write it mainly for people who like me and my music, as I assume those are the only ones who’d bother to visit my site.

If I write something here, I write it for the average flutherite.

And when I go on stage, I have a look at the audience and sing/talk accordingly.

But in all of the above cases, I mainly concentrate on making things interesting and comprehensible rather than anything else.

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