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How many tentacles do squid have?

Asked by funkyfest (58points) February 28th, 2009

trying to draw a squid

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I bet that you can Google an image faster than I can.

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10. Not sure how I know that.

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awesome. after doing research they actually have 8 leg-things and 2 large tentacles.

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Most have eight arms and two tentacles, and one species has ten identical tentacles.
For the future.

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Squid – just in case you need a visual.

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Quick, how many testicles does a squid have? Let’s see you Google that. :-)

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@evelyn… – One. Male squid have a single large testis and a spermatophoric gland and sac.

Sorry but I’m a malacologist and could not resist.

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So remember to spay and neuter your squids.

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Unless you want enough to make calamari.

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I must be tired, I just read that as ” How many testicles does a squid have? ”
But then again that could be a tantalizing question?
It made me laugh so I’m ok down here in sunny Perth, Western Australia…

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@mij – actually part of this question is exactly as you read it.

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I don’t pretend to be an artist, but I once doodled a robo-squid. I gave him 5 tentacles. Does that help?

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By the way, welcome to the collective @funkyfest

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@Darwin, no need to apologize, you gave a scientific answer to an off-the-cuff smart ass question, that’s why I like you so much, you educate me.

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@evelyn (do you mind if I call you evelyn? I feel as if we have gotten to know each other.) – I do try to both educate and be educated on a daily basis. Glad I was successful in at least half of my daily goal.

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@Darwin just call me Zee, because Evelyn is a girl’s name, and I am a dude. Wait, a guy, as dude is slang for a horses penis. I am definitely NOT one of those; I am more of a horses ass. :-)

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@evelyns_pet_zebra – Evelyn Waugh was a girl?

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