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Igor Panarin's prediction of US collapse?

Asked by critter1982 (4120points) February 28th, 2009


So this russian analyst since the 1990s has predicted a fall of the US. For me it’s tough to entertain his position, but he has been right about everything so far. What does the collective think about his prediction, do you think what he says is possible or even likely, and if his prediction does come true where would you want to live?

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Well, obviously Mr. Panarin hasn’t been reading his Mayan calendar correctly or he’d have seen that he’s off by two years.

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Answers from the last time this was asked.

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The thing that bothers me is that Fox News and their have so little to whine about that they are recycling 3 month old stuff.

Funny sidebar just on the news. The White House released a statement that a middle class tax cut will help re-energize the economy. The Republic leadership that will never work! lmao

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This isn’t 3 months old, the guy made this prediction in 98 I believe. I think his concept of who will influence what is kind of bogus, I don’t see Alaska falling back under the Russian empire and I don’t see china having influence over California. However, I don’t think he is completely off about states breaking off due to tax issues and what not. An interesting thing, there have been several states passing bills reinstating their sovereignty. Basically interpreting the 10th amendment for the federal government. I don’t think much will come of it but you can see how this could be a friction point between federal and state governments. Anyways that guy recently said there’s about a 50% chance right now of it actually happening. If you consider how states don’t like how the government is misspending their tax money and if the economy gets bad enough theres no benefit of them joining. Then you throw in the possibility of the mexican drug wars spilling over the boarder (more people died in this last month than american soldiers in iraq and afgahnistan.) and you do have a recipe for potential problems.

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I think that Russia is in much greater danger of collapse. They have recently gone from superpower to second rate power. The Russian economy is rather feeble and is highly dependent on a dwindling supply of oil and natural gas. They have lost a considerable chunk of territory and could conceivably lose more. The Russians have failed to fully integrate the various sections. Russia is pressed between a growing Chinese threat in the East and a U.S. and European backed threat in the West that is eager to incorporate former Russian held territory into NATO.

Looks to me like the pot is calling the kettle black.

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There was a little known “concept album” in the ‘70’s that predicted something like this. I can’t remember the album title or artist(s), but story line was the collapse of the Federal government, replaced by 4 or 5 regional groups consisting of several states.

I’ve also heard some Texans claim that their “right to secede” is written into their constitution, and part of the agreement document that turned The Republic of Texas into The State of Texas.

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Like it or not, every country that consumes or produces in excess is tangled up in this mess as one. No one country can be allowed to fall, it’ll blow over the whole house of cards.

I can see the US, Canada, and Australia merging, China taking over Russia, and us all furnishing weapons to the idiot middle eastern nations to let them blow themselves up. The Arabs will help with that so they can take over more oil.

South America and a lot of Africa are going to self destruct through squabbling and famine, no one cares so no one is going to stop them. Not sure where India, Japan, the EU, and Mexico fits in, have to wait n see.

We will still be here, may be as a socialist state because of the growing number of idiots that support such, but we’ll still be here.

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@LKidKyle1985 It has been 3 months since they last brought it up. Nobody knows haw many times this crap has been lapped up by the lunatic right. My point-short term attention span allows frequent recycling for people who wake up every day to a brand new world.

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they’ll bring it up again in another 3 months…. if some part of this actually comes true… be it now or in 40 years… the media wil re-hype the whole thing and claim the veracity of his predictions…. he’ll be the modern day Nostra-Dumb-ass.

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Well we’ve had a country for years which has worked just fine.

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