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What kind of sketchbook do you use?

Asked by funkyfest (58points) February 28th, 2009

Looking for alternatives to moleskin.

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Bristol Illustration Board. It’s got the consistency of heavy cardstock, and comes in smooth and rough surfaces, as well as something in between, I believe. It’s what my art school professors have told me to buy.

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I used to use Moleskine but they’re too nice to just sketch in, I was always intimidated. Now I use an 8×10 landscape-bound cachet.

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i may change things up a bit based on the medium, but for most daily sketching, i use strathmore sketch pads and papers. they offer a variety of weights, textures and binding options to suits your individual needs and are very reasonably priced. i tend to buy the spiral bound pads to carry with me and the loose leaf for mounting to a sketch board. good luck!!

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Moleskin usually, a but right now it’s a thriftshop-found Millenium pocketbook catalog with plenty of white margins and pages. Already inquired, they dont make these for sale =(

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I am to poor to use fancy stuff. I use an engineers graph pad cut in half. It also helps with my composition

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What are you using it for? Medium?

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I draw on graph paper :P

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@Waffle – you, my friend, rock.

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I agree with the first answer. Bristol is awesome. You could also use card stock, which a cheaper alternative to bristol, since bristol is costly. Also, watercolor paper is nice.

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@generalspecific – When I am working again I am so going to get one of those!!!

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I use a double wirebound sketchbook, & i find that it works great.
I buy all of my art supplies online at

They have all different kinds of quality products at an affordable cost!

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@vegelizabeth: I buy all my supplies from Utrecht too… because I live around the corner from the original store :D

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@TitsMcGhee thats really cool, my boyfriend stumbled a cross it along time ago when he was looking to get me a gift. I love the site!

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