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Do you have any favorite one liners or quotes from your fellow Flutherites?

Asked by Sueanne_Tremendous (11285points) March 1st, 2009

I run across funny one-liners and quotes all of the time here at Fluther. I just read this one and almost peed myself: “My butt just goes on a picnic when I wear normal panties.” written by essiness. What funny, sad, or otherwise memorable words have you read?

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I wish I had the time to round up and list many of AstroChuck’s comments that he makes here on a daily basis. I’ve always appreciated his sense of humor and he never seems to run out of material. Maybe someone will offer up some of his efforts.

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Yes, and they’re all yours!!!

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awww…loser that’s so nice…

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Nice avatar loser… I like!

JackAdams: “Assassination is always an option.”

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This from JP months ago:

“We have a chicken that always plucks the cherry off my cigarette. I was sitting down on the ground taking a drag and it bit off the end of my smoke. Weird critters. But they are delicious.”

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“My dad, and his ph.d in botany, said that it mostly depends on the plant and the amount… (And also gave me a look like I had asked if the Black Plague came in juice boxes).”

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“Hell, I’ll even go down and dine at the “Y” junction for a while if the gob-stopper is still in.”—tb1570

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I have quite a few, but I’d have to go find them all… AstroChuck does comprise a good portion of that number though.

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Removed by Fluther moderators.

^ Good memories :)

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“Pancakes” and “the frizzer” top all others simply because of the hilarity behind them.

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Myself, follow the logic it usually always leads back to the truth.

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