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Did you ever do anything nice for a stranger?

Asked by happyforyou (7points) March 1st, 2009

onence I saw someone fall in the street other people passed her by I stopped to help.

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yes I always think it’s imprortant to help others you don’t know
because it might be you one day who will need the help. it’s better to be kind than cool!

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Did you just answer your own question? :)

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It makes me giggle that you just answered your own question!

But my answer to your question is yes. As often as I can for the same karma-related reasons you gave in your answer…to your own question :)

BTW, welcome to Fluther.

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Of course, why not? When someone has difficulty, say, getting a buggy out of the train, how much trouble is it to help?

Anyway, everybody here on Fluther does – it’s the whole principle behind Fluther ;-)

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@Vincentt: Very good point, about Fluther!

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Nope. Never. I’ve never done anything nice, period.

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Once I was on a public phone in the city. A homeless man approached me for a cigarette. I gave him the rest of my pack. A little while later, he came back and offered me some of his coffee he apparently panhandled from a local diner.

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I gave a bum in Chicago 3 dollars once.. he followed me down the street saying “God Bless you” for a block or so.

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An elderly man was in front of me counting his change at a fast food restaurant trying to see how much he had to see what he could buy. I gave the kid waiting on him a 5 and said “pay for his with this”. The guy didnt see me so I walked off before he could refuse it.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous – thanks for those insights, that was very nice of you to share!

@chyna – hah, nice one :P

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If anyone truely needs a hand and I am able, I will give with no reserve and no expectations. If I am being conned, it’s nice to pick up on it and act accordingly.

To list the specifics of my helping strangers would take a book. My last major helping hand was to build a wheelchair ramp into a elderly ladies house that I had never met. The last time I assisted a stranger was the last time I was in town, it’s second nature and expected in this part of the world.

It would be sad to live in the “city” and need help. I feel for anyone who does.

If you city folk all just carried a 44 magnum like we country folk do, when you tried to help and got screwed, you could just blow the a**hole away, that would help. Pretty soon, no scams. Someone cries for help, they would be sincere.

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I was behind a guy hauling a load of drywall on his truck. It all slid out in the middle of an intersection. I stopped got out and helped him load it all back up.

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Hopefully it’s s second nature. Yesterday there was a guy in front of Petes Coffee with a sign. I bought him a gift certificate when I went into the store. This kind of stuff is easy. The harder part is to get involved and get to know someone and get personally invested in someone who is struggling. It gets complicated and it’s hard to be helpful and productive without getting manipulated by the drama and disfunction that usually goes along with people in serious need of our help. That’s not an excuse not to do it, I’m just saying that it’s harder than giving someone a buck.

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@Judi. Yes. It’s easier to help when there isn’t that much pull on our time or resources. I’ll help a struggling mom with her pram, or an older person who’s fallen. I’ve called the cops when I’ve seen something go down that wasn’t right.

In the days after 9/11, I was among a number of volunteers down at the site to aid the fire fighters and police officers and other rescue and recovery people. Those are some truly selfless people. The experience was very emotionally draining. It took me a while to want to volunteer again after a couple of weeks of being there.

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I used to occasionally commute over the Golden Gate Bridge. When I had some extra money, I’d pay the toll for the person behind me.

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I do a lot of hauling with rental trucks, and have become a bungee queen. I buy bundles of bungee cords at flea markets, and keep some in my car. When I’m out running around at lumberyards, I offer them to people struggling with large loads and small trunks.

I give away most of them to people Christmas shopping. I figure if I help the impulse shoppers, I help the economy. Right?

Last Valentine’s Day, my beloved and I were out for dinner. There was a couple seated nearby, probably only 16 years old. The boy was visibly uncomfortable eating non-fast food. The girl was all dressed up with ringlets in her hair and a new pink purse on the table. They were so doggone cute!!!! I had to pick up their tab for them. Secretly, of course.

I wonder if they suspected that funny older couple that kept looking at them…

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I do whenever possible. At the grocery store I’ll help anyone that is in one of those motorized carts, or anyone shorter than me that is having trouble reaching something from a top shelf.

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@jonsblond: So you would be the kind stranger that reaches things for 5’1 me? Thanks!

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@bythebay That’s me, though I might not be able to reach myself, I’m only 5’3”. I try though!

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@Divalicious: My husband & I were out to dinner on what was also the local prom night. He came across two guys in the bathroom counting money to make sure they had enough to cover their meals; their dates had not ordered the salads they had expected! He secretly went to the waiter and took care of their bill. They kept looking around the room, but we kept straight faces and never let on. They were adorable.

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@jonsblond: I’ve become adept at climbing shelves and knocking things off with other things! I’m convinced grocery shelves are for those who are not vertically challenged!

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@bythebay Makes you feel good, doesn’t it? Lurve to you and your Cupid-assisting hubby.

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@bythebay haha! That’s my technique too. There never seems to be anyone around when you need assistance. :D

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gave a guy free lunch at fiesta texas

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I’m a living cliche. I have actually helped old ladies cross the street. Seriously.

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@Bluefreedom Did you see where the guy got off the bus to help an old lady cross the street and got hit by a car? I think this happened in Canada, but not sure. He is in the hospital in bad shape. So be careful when you do help old ladies :)

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@chyna. Wow, that’s a very unfortunate thing to happen after trying to help someone. I hope he gets well soon. And I promise to be careful. :o)

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I always try to opne doors for women. I always try to help people with small things when I am round them. I believe the small things make the world a better place….

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