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What kind of oil can you use to season a wood table?

Asked by andrew (16358points) November 22nd, 2006
I got my kitchen table, but it's untreated beech. IKEA advises me to use their [Swedish word]-brand oil, but I'm sure that some other type of oil will do. What can I use? Olive oil?
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Mineral oil
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yup. mineral oil. olive oil will be sticky.
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orange oil.
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Tung oil, but it needs several coats. Google for techniques
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Lemon oil or linseed oil.
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OMG, not olive oil, it will darken the wood and your furniture will smell like salad dressing.
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Boiled linseed oil
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We got these nice Cherry pieces, coffee table and bookshelf, and with them came something called Feed-N-Wax. It's bees wax and orange oil, very nice.
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If I've already started using mineral oil, can I switch to lemon oil?
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Not a good idea to switch if you want a nice finished product. You can sand off the old oil, clean the surface, and start applying lemon oil. Personally I like linseed oil.

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