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Is it normal for a bee sting to become swollen?

Asked by xgunther (446points) October 18th, 2007 from iPhone

so I was stung almost 3 days ago, and at the time, I applied hydrogen peroxide, put a band-aid, etc…

But now the area (palm, and a third way up my arm from hand to elbow LOL) is getting really swollen, red, itchy, and it hurts. Is this normal from a sting this old? Any suggestions?

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After getting 12 bee stings (unfortunate story), they got really itchy and uncomfortable about 1–2 days later. I think it depends on the bee and your body, but I wouldn’t be worried about your reaction… I suspect they’ll fade with time.

In the mean time, you can try some fun alternatives treatments including: toothpaste, honey, Calimine… there are others.

If it keeps getting worse in the next day or two, you should seek more professional advice (take all medical advice you get on the Internet at your own risk, including mine).

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You are describing (swollen, red, itchy, painful) what sounds like an infection..Is the area hot and are you running a low-grade fever? (IANAD). This is not a laughing matter. Stinger may be there (in palm) and gotten infected. 3 days is a LONG time.

If you were my kid, I’d drag you to the Docs’ today for him to look. Any allergic reactions, like thickening of tongue? IAC, better safe than sorry.

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You could also have cellulitis, an infection that can be very painful and potentially serious. It can be result from any break in the skin. I would take a Sharpie marker and mark the edge of the swollen area. If the swollen area continues to expand, definitely see a doctor, as you shouldn’t be getting worse from a sting 3 days ago. If the swollen area is receding, your body may be taking care of itself.

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try benadryl this knock it out fast. If it does not then its an infection which I would see a doctor about.

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