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Did you see the movie "W." about George Bush? What did you think of it?

Asked by Mr_M (7616points) March 1st, 2009
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I’m no fan of W, but I really thought the movie was boring as hell.

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I confess I didn’t. It was sort of like my arachnophobia (repelled fascination). For me, it came out too close to the reality.

I plan to see it someday.

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terrible movie, terrible president. that is all

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TOOO SOOON!!! TTOOOO EFFING SOOON!! Because of the aforementioned reasons, I really couldn’t see it.

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saw it, think I gave it a C-. Although Brolin did a great job, the script and the casting were not that good. Only angle I enjoyed from it was seeing the triangle of Sr. Bush and his 2 sons, and what a complete screwball dubya was as a young adult. I thought it was weird that his marriage was barely protrayed, in the movie he goes from meeting Laura and then next shot is them sitting around a birthday cake with 2 young twin girls celebrating.

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I enjoyed the movie, actually.

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