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Where is your dream vacation location?

Asked by Sakata (3332points) March 1st, 2009

Of all the places in the world where do you find to be the best of them all to spend your relaxation time?

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I just want to go back to Europe… France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Holland, the Czech Republic, Belgium… Paris is number one, but anywhere, anywhere, anywhere in Europe.

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Isolated tropical island surrounded by warm sands, clean, clear ocean waters & coral reefs.

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Anywhere I haven’t been yet.

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For me the destination isn’t as important as who I am going to spend this time with. I’ve been to some great places with some shitty companions and it sucked. On the other hand I have been to some shitty locales with some great people and had a blast.

Me, jonsblond, the kids, and the dogs in New Zealand for about a month doesn’t sound too bad. i’d take the cats as well but they would only bitch the whole time

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Thailand, Fiji, Tuscany…just to name a few.

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India. After that, anywhere with a beach, a hammock, and lots of margaritas.

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I head Bali and the Maldives are incredible. Just relaxing paradise

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@Blondesjon I’ve heard cats are like that. That’s why I have a dog.

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K2 base camp.

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New Zealand, definitely.

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@Lightlyseared Nice. I’m waaaaay too lazy for all that though lol

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Yosemite or some other such beauty of nature.

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Flutherland. The happiest place on Earth.

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@AstroChuck That’s true but most of the rides there are the spinny ones and those make me nauseous.

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You mean the rides are nauseous and they make you nauseated.
Sorry. That’s one of my pet peeves.

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Yea, that’ll work.

I don’t mind being corrected.

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I have been all over Europe and I can attest to that being a fantastic place to take vacations. Where I haven’t been yet but would like to go for great vacations would be Australia, Hawaii, Ireland, and Scotland.

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Japan and florida, just to name a few

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A place with all the things that could possibly make me happy. Some place with city life, good food, good drinks, the beach, the mountains, greenery, warmth, oh and good people. If you know any specific place that has all these…lemme know! Haha.

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@Sakata- I know you don’t really mean that. I don’t think anyone likes being corrected. And, yes, I was being a bit of an ass. I make my share of mistakes and don’t care for it either. It’s just that if I’d never said anything it would have stuck with me. Four things I really hate:
1)The overly misuse of the word awesome.
2)When people use literally when they mean figuratively.
3)off of.
4)Misuse of the word nauseous.

Yes, I’ve become unpopular with some people.

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Well I know for a fact that Blondesjon has a much longer list than that.

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@AstroChuck…That answer was awesome, literally. Was that just something off of your head. If so man it was nauseous.

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A small stretch of beach near the fruit market on Bora Bora and a beautiful island off the coast of North Carolina.

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@Blondsjon- You messed up. You used nauseous correctly in that sentence.
Now, please tell me you pronounce the “g” in strength.

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@AstroChuck…You have a ‘g’ thing too? I hate it when the ‘g’ is pronounced hard in words like hanger or singer.

a least i’m not washing my hands 30–40 times a day. now if you’ll excuse me i need to go turn all the light switches in the house on and off 12 times each.

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I really loved Virginia Beach, VA in November. It was warm, sunny, and almost a ghost town… nothing like having miles and miles of the seashore to yourself! Getting to go horseback riding on the beach was priceless.

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just my bed and lots of books

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