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I heard White Castle has one of the healthiest burgers, is that true?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7420points) March 1st, 2009

A friend told me while we were out for lunch today that White Castle has one of the healthiest burgers due to the Soy content, and that the burgers are 100% ground beef. What do you think? Still really unhealthy?

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The verdict on soy is still out. I’ve read there is a difference between the fermented soy that Asians have been eating for centuries and the raw soy here in America. Apparently the raw soy is bad for you. I can believe that, as they grow the damn beans around here and nothing smells worse than when they harvest soybeans. YEEUUUCH!

Personally, I see everything as being hazardous to your health. No matter what you eat, you will eventually die. I’d rather enjoy myself and eat for pleasure than to worry about what is going to kill me, because it ALL is going to kill me eventually.

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How can they be both 100% ground beef but have soy in them?

From what I recall, White Castle burgers are pretty small, and they never used to have much in the way of condiments on them, so they might not have a lot of extra calories. They also used to be sort of steamed rather than fried.

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as for White Castle, we don’t have any around here, so I can’t say.The majority of mass produced beef used in restuarant food is laced with all sorts of hormones and other chemicals. You want healthy beef, buy only organically raised free range beef, or better yet, bison.

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Probably not, at least according to this Web site listing the 88 unhealthiest foods. White Castle appears 16 times—3 in the “top” 10.

Nutritional content of a White Castle Burger:
Est. Percent of Calories from:
Fat 46.7% Carbs 34.1%
Protein 17.8%

Darwin's avatar goes into a bit more detail, concluding that “These tasty, popular little burgers and onion chips offer very little nutrition and a lot of calories, with way too many of those calories are from fat. The onion chips, like all of the sides, are deep fried, which makes them downright unhealthy.”

A typical White Castle snack consists of two Slyders with cheese, an order of onion chips, and a chocolate shake, for a calorie total of 950 and about 1200 mg of sodium, which is about half of what an adult should consume in one day.

I would have to say that your friend is trying to justify a White Castle addiction.

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check this place out….mmmm a tasty double bypass burger sounds good right about now.

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It’s all about In-N-Out. Fresh ingredients, good patties, tasty fries, and healthier for you than most burger joints to boot. =]

Number two no onion, please.

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YAY COLUMBUS! White Castle is based here.

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i’ve heard that soy myth too. but out of all the fast-food burger joints, i think white castle hamburgers are a nice alternative for health-conscious folks because the meat is steamed.

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If you can stick to just one or two small burgers, hold the cheese, no sides, and a glass of water, probably. That gets you about 150 to 300 calories, no fiber, and not a lot of vitamins.

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heard krystal burgers are just as good

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Not particularly healthy.

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yes White Castle is healthy if your definition of healthy is “not good for you ”.

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Ahh sliders…the meal that keeps on giving….and giving…and releasing a fragrant bouquet of goodness…

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