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Have you ever been on a personal growth experience that you really loved?

Asked by michrweber (1points) March 1st, 2009

I just got back from one with The Garden Company, it was amazing.

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My entire life has been a personal growth experience!

I can’t afford those retreats, and it bugs me that they cost so much. As wealthy as so many of these gurus are, they could be more reasonable with fees.

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I used to go regularly every summer to a Pagan retreat. It was about 700–900 people camping. If the workshops, rituals, and interpersonal connections/drama weren’t “growth experiences,” trying to do it all in 95–100°F weather with a quarter-mile hike to do anything were. Plus, broiling porta-potties.

It was this recurrent Solstice week where I learned so much. I got to sit quietly in nature, to dance to a huge drum circle beating out a pounding rhythm, to learn how to endure some things that aren’t normally endured every other week. Plus, it later showed me how I’d move past who I was, and into a-theism. The last time I went, it was also my honeymoon.

I used to go every year; I’ve missed two of the last three. Hopefully I’ll get to go again someday.

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Tons. I don’t even know where to start. I have had hugely growthful experiences with workshops offered by these companies:

Landmark Education
The ManKind Project’s warrior weekend
Falling Awake
Peak Potentials
Rejuvenate Training

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@hearkat, didn’t you know? Personal growth can only occur in conjunction with fiscal shrinkage. Well known fact.

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