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Water Fluoridation: Benefitial or is it going to kill us all?

Asked by A_Wood (201points) March 1st, 2009

Is Water Fluoridation a burden or a godsend when it comes to health?

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Nazis’ used to floridate water of prisoners in camps to keep them calm and keep from revolting. Also US has one of the highest rates of dental issues in the world, so much for that theory…
Make up your own minds.

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@Bagardbilla – does the US have one of the highest rates of visits to the dentist, or actual dental problems? I assume it would be hard to judge how many people have dental issues they don’t seek help for.
If it’s that people in the US see the dentist more often, that can possibly be attributed to economic and social factors rather than dental health factors.

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I grew up without fluoridated water and had tons of cavities. My kids have grown up with fluoridated water and between all three of them they have zero cavities. As far as I know, no one has died due to drinking fluoridated water. My vote? Beneficial.

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The proof is that it works. Not to say that you don’t have to brush your teeth. Now as to everything else we put in our mouths that is made in a 5000 gallon vat in a New Jersey chemical plant..that’s another story…where’s Neo when you need him? I want out of the matrix already.

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This question made me think of the documentary FLOW. Which made my think of the Thames Water Authority. Which made me think of this.

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I grew up with fluoridated water in Colorado. Now I live in Oregon and every time I go to the dentist, someone makes the comment that I must not have grown up around here, my teeth are too good. So, as far as I’m concerned, fluoridation works.

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It’s not going to kill anyone, but it is a systemic, cumulative poison that finds it’s way not only into your teeth, but your glandular tissues, thyroid, pineal gland, brain, breasts if ya got em, sex organs, and bones. Because of this it lowers metabolism and increases your risk of disease. Detox it with Iodine, the largest halide.
They promote fluoride as a cost-benefit, the increased risks are the costs, and we know all too well what they say the benefits are. The form of fluoride they give water company is the same form of spent nuclear fuel, aka Hex (H2 UF6), It is Silicon Hexafluoride,(H2 SiF6) a byproduct of aluminum smelting and creating phosphate fertilizer; which contains what ever else is found in that slurry.

The trouble your body has with dealing with fluoride is because it’s the most electronegative of all elements. Meaning, when it forms bonds with your biology, the catalysts involved take much longer to complete. Errors occur, Mineralization suffers.

If you’re worried about cavities, eat an alkaline diet. It’s much more conducive to mineralizing your teeth. But thats another question.

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My teeth are rock solid.

Nothing beyond a routine cleaning my entire life, wisdomectomy excepted.

I think the biggest (and justifiable) issue with water fluoridation has to do with it’s implementation without public approval of knowledge.

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