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Is it me, or is sitting in a car conducive with being gassy?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7439points) March 1st, 2009

It seems I’ll be perfectly fine until I sit down in a car… and wham, I just can’t stop. Anyone else have this issue? I find it kind of funny unless you’re in the company of a new friend, or on a date of some sort. Of course, if I was on a date, I’d just hold it all in. But I’m not quite sure what causes me to suddenly just want to start letting them rip once I get in a car.

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Why was this question on my “Questions for You”?!

Anyway, I’ve never really had that problem.

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lol…Maybe once youre in your car you finally feel comfortable enough to let it go. Maybe youre sitting position is just right.
Cant say this has ever happened to me tho. :)

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You may be onto something here, I just got back from a 16 hr flight, and boy… did I have the toots (SBDs too!) HA!
I hated it for those around me!
About two hrs into the flight I had three seats to myself to streach out. ;)

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To steal from a fdamous movie quote, “I don’t know what it is about a bumpy car ride that makes me have to take a crap. It must’ve jarred somethin’ loose tiger.”

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I have this issue, with you doing it you smelly S.O.B.
But I find I hold it in when im in public a lot and when I get in my car i just let it loose. Plus those white castle sliders ain’t doing you any favors man.

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Grammar pedant alert
Conducive to, rather than conducive with.

That is all. I fart more in the car too.

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whenever my boyfriend and i get in the car, he lets them rip. he says “i don’t know what it is about the car, but it just happens”

this is when the sunroof comes in handy in the dead of winter.

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Look at the siblings——————->

Planning a car trip to Half Moon Bay?

Too funny!!

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lol @row4food yeah my bf will blame it ON the car, like the car was the one that made the noise. ” why did we buy such a noisy car!” or ” shit, what did we run over” while looking out the window. :)

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hmmm…. sitting in my computer chair is giving me the same effect as my car.

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I read the question, and suddenly, I thought of Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Hee!

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Wonder if it has to do the design of the seat causing intestinal pressure?

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Your butt thinks your car needs gas maybe?

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@autumn43i wish i could give you a hundred lurve for that…

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@Blondesjon – thank you. It just came out!

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I think being gassy in a car is conducive to making the passengers look for an emergency exit as fast as possible. I know because I have that effect on people in my car.

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Did you have the seat warmer on?

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I am the seat warmer. Literally.

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